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Native glades on tour
Native glades on tour

NonStop Adventure offers tours of the best places to ride in the 'Top-of-the-South (Nelson & Havelock) and we have a great tour option for every rider, from novices to experts, from individuals to groups; and to satisfy anyone's time constraints, budget or desire for a great adventure. We offer professional off-road trial rider training prior to every tour and we carefully match the riders with our bikes to ensure the best experience for all. So, whatever you want, NonStop Adventure has a ride for you. On a NonStop Adventure guided tour, we'll introduce you to the most fun and scenic riding in New Zealand.

One of many challenges
One of many challenges

Whether you're a novice, experienced or expert rider, you'll see incredible sights and have the option of tackling many challenging obstacles along the way, all while basking in our pleasant, sunny, Nelson weather. We'll be sure to stop at all the best photo opportunities along the way, including, but not limited to scenic vistas, wildlife, water crossings, etc.

At the end of the trail each day, just kick off your boots, recap the day's events with your newfound friends. Regardless of where you want to ride, when you want to ride and how many days you want to ride, NonStop Adventure can accommodate you, and you'll be amazed at what you'll discover and how much fun you can have. So join us for what will be one the most rewarding adventures of your life. It'll just be you, a well suited machine and the best trials riding terrain in the world. The ride may eventually end, but the memories will stay with you forever, and if you're like most of our customers you'll come back for more.

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P O Box 752, Nelson, New Zealand
Tel: 64-3-545 1053
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New Zealand Ihatove Trial
New Zealand Ihatove Trial, NonStop Adventure NZ's photostream
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