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New Zealand Ihatove Trial News

The 8th wonder of the world (The great Ihatove bridge)

9th January 2010
Transporting the materials for bridge construction
Transporting the materials for bridge construction

While everyone was enjoying their Christmas/New Year break Stephen has been hard at work preparing the adventure trails for the inaugural Ihatove event in February. With a willing hand from Wellingtonian Bruce Corkill, and his engineering skills, Nick & Stephen were able to complete an engineering feat to be proud of in the middle of nowhere spanning the great Parkes/Hunt farm boundary, in order for the Ihatove trial to take in all the wonderful scenery and trail opportunities on offer at 88 Valley.
Stephen was fortunate that Ian & Sue Parkes generously provided their 4-wheeler and trailer to enable the materials and equipment to be transported to the top of the farm. Due to the limited towing capacity and the huge expanse of bridge required for Deborah to be able to negotiate the bridge safely, multiple round trips of approx 1.5hours each were required to deliver all the materials up the steep track to their final resting place.

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Exploration Day Two

8th November 2009
Natural Stream Gullies
Natural Stream Gullies

Sunday has come around so fast and here we are at the Hunts property for the second day in a row and looking forward to another great adventure.

Today will involve more work, as there is some grooming needed. Fortunately because of the nature of the NonStop type section, we will only need to trim the odd overhanging branch, groom potential sections, remove some debris and a small amount of building to make an already good section better.

I must say that we are fortunate that there is not as much preparation required as our good friends in Japan have to undertake in preparation for their event. The farm is well grazed so getting out the weed eater will not be necessary.

We have found a small waterfall today that will be an added attraction and looks great.

I am also setting out a number of direction markers and arrows to see how things hold up over the next few weeks. Our biggest concern is the wind as on the odd occasion, especially evenings, it can blow; so I hope that they will stand the test of time and be up to it.

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Day of Exploration

7th November 2009
Water crossing Ihatove Adventure style
Water crossing Ihatove Adventure style

Saturday was a day of exploration as neither the boys or I have had the opportunity to venture into the neighbouring property.
Richard and Melitta Hunt have been very friendly and have made us feel very welcome while using this great farm to host part of the NZ Ihatove Adventure Trial.
The family have made the farm available to other groups and are please to see others enjoy what is on offer.
The boys and I were amazed at the variety of terrain which consists of very well groomed farm tracks, native glades of beautiful NZ forest, Scottish Six day type creeks and gullies and steep but very rideable hills in abundance. We are heading out again tomorrow as the time today has gone so fast.

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Preparations begin

4th November 2009
Preparing the  coarse marker pegs
Preparing the coarse marker pegs

I caught these shots of Stephen this evening. He has been preparing for next year's NZ Ihatove Adventure Trial for several months. With the NZ National calendar finished for another year he has stepped up the game plan as there is much to do.

The team at NonStop are keen to have everything as completed prior to the event as possible, so things will run smoothly when the New Year is upon us.

Stephen has been fortunate to have secured several hundred used roadside markers from one of our many sponsors, Fulton Hogan.

He is cutting them in half and reshaping them to be used as route markers, which will then have directional arrows attached. This way the pegs can be out in place weeks out from the event and the arrows attached closer to the time.

The entries are starting to flow in, which is very encouraging; so this will be an event to remember and one that everyone will be keen to attend annually.

We will be doing regular updates to keep everyone informed as to how things are coming along. So watch this space.

Best in Trialling


33rd Idemitsu Ihatove

3rd September 2009
Takumi's Father,   Shozo Narita
Takumi's Father, Shozo Narita

While those of us who attended the Nelson club trial on August 30 revelled in rain and mud, the 33rd Idemitsu Ihatove Trial was taking place under clear blue skies in Iwate Prefecture.
Riders in the top-ranking Classic category started with a daunting hill climb on Section 1 that set the tone for the entire 350-km course. The battle for first place was hard-fought, with Masayuki Sansuzuka beating Ryo Narita by a single point at the end of the two-day event. Last year Sansuzuka had to pull out with bike trouble, so this year's victory must have been sweet. Mitani Motor Sports boss Shoji Mitani took top place in the twin shock category.
Ryo's brother Takumi Narita (who ran a highly successful coaching day after the Oceania Champs in Nelson this year) acted as guide for the Ihatove Trail Tour, and their father Shozo also competed in the event.
Trial Chairman Yasuo Manzawa summed up the Ihatove spirit as follows:
This event has been built on the understanding and cooperation of the local community. Therefore, I hope that rather than simply taking part as entrants, riders join the organizers in bearing in mind the sustainability of the trial. To this end, I hope all riders show courtesy to the locals, display a refreshing level of sportsmanship and self-reliance, and have serious fun (because you don't have to be a highly skilled rider to enjoy this trial). Next year the Ihatove concept will be exported from Japan for the first time, with the inaugural New Zealand Ihatove Adventure Trial taking place on February 20. I believe this will open up a splendid new chapter in the Ihatove story.

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