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17th August 2016

You can now find our Ihatove news on our Facebook page - NZ Ihatove Adventure Trial

Another fantastic year done and dusted

22nd February 2015
2015 NZ Ihatove Adventure trial
2015 NZ Ihatove Adventure trial

The NZ Ihatove Adventure Trial has once again been a fantastic weekend and from all the feedback we've had from the entrants this year we have been encouraged to continue this favourite event next year. It is popular for its camaraderie, fun and all round positive energy and we have reached a tipping point as we are now in a growth period with more enquiries from overseas, all wanting to be part of this special weekend.
Thank you to all those who participated. It has been a pleasure to be part of the organising team and a special thanks to all those that support this prestigious event. Check out More images; right hand bottom corner.

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NZ Ihatove Feedback

23rd February 2013
Happy faces = fun times
Happy faces = fun times

This is the third time I have traveled from Auckland to Nelson, to ride the annual NZ Ihatove Adventure Trial Event.

That's a 2000km round trip crossing the Cook Straight by Ferry.
After coming back last year and waxing lyrical about how much fun it was, several of my fellow Auckland Trials riders made the pledge to join me.
This time I was in fact lighter and fitter and riding my own bike!
What made this trip different was the fact that we all committed to it early on and I undertook to take everyone's bikes down, rather than the usual fly in and fly out deal. No one pulled out and in fact the group grew as the event came closer.

Always having something to look forward to, is one of those important things in life, and personal coaches extol the virtues of booking your next holiday/event immediately after you have finished the current one. It gives focus and purpose and makes sure those "Yeah I might do that" comments become "I am doing it"
So how good is this Ihatove event and why?
Well if the 5 guys that made the trip this year came back and immediately re booked for next year, you get the sense that it was very, very good, and definitely worth the logistical effort and cost involved.

*Stunning Location
*Excellent riding with challenges to cater for all the skill levels, from near new, to fully expert.
*Competitive yet Fun
*Great people with attitudes of "we are here to really enjoy ourselves"
*Smiles are everywhere

For our group we aren't seriously competitive, except amongst ourselves, and all have competing interests in our lives that suck up precious personal time, so we get few opportunities to ride our trials bikes for 6 hours a day, let alone for 3 days on end (and in my case 4 days!)
Lets talk about the trip
We started with a group of 3, maybe 4, from Auckland but that soon grew to 5, so I loaded up the mighty Santa Fe and the trailer with 5 bikes and all the gear.
It wouldn't be an Ihatove adventure for me if something didn't go wrong, (last year I missed the plane) and of course the wonderful ferry company rang to say they had cancelled my crossing, less than 36 hours out. You have to love the lack of customer service where no alternatives, suggestions or anything else are given, in fact I taped the phone call in the end and played it back to our staff as an example of how not to treat a customer. Incredible. They refunded a full two weeks later...
Some scratching around saw me catch another boat- thank you Interislander, you saved our bacon.
That meant another day off work and early start, but alls-well-that-ends-well and I hit Nelson at 2 am on the Thursday, about 14 hours ahead of when I originally had planned.
That gave me the chance to help the Oliver family, who organise the event, with some final touch ups plus get in a sneaky half days warm up ride before my rivals from Auckland arrived.
It was great to this time be on my own bike, my mighty Repsol 4RT. The trailer was loaded with 3 4RT's a Scorpa 250 and the latest Ossa 280i

[Friday Coaching]
The boys flew in all fresh and keen to go and I collected them from the airport. After setting up in the motor camp, off we went for some much needed riding and planned coaching.
I watched their faces in the mirror with interest, as we drove into the venue and as expected, I wasn't disappointed because within seconds they all had smiles at what a stunning property for bike riding it truly is. The same reaction I have had for the past 3 years.
Friday was pretty laid back, free riding, a bit of coaching with Stephen's sons and simply having fun and then we had a cracker of a session with the master himself- Stephen Oliver, who took a group of about 10 of us and gave us some real "basics" and then some challenging stuff. It was also a chance to try the impressive Jotagas 300 (way too much power for me- but oh so stable and easy to ride-cant wait to try a 250)
Smiles a plenty that night with expectations high for Saturday

[Saturday Day 1 - Ihatove]
Stephen is constantly looking for ways to fine tune and improve the event and unlike a lot of organisers he encourages feedback and then sets about implementing it. That is so refreshing.
Day 1 consisted of a pretty long loop with about 18 trials sections on it, followed by 10 more sections in and around the carpark.
These were to be ridden in a non-stop fashion and you could tell immediately that hours of work had gone into planning out the sections to cater for everyone. The first thing we all appreciated was the marking, very clear; the second was the section length. They were on average 3 - 4 times longer than anything we normally get at home. Again for those of us advancing in age, if it weren't for the brilliant marking it was possible to get totally lost in a section, they were that long.
Nothing was dangerous and most were straight forward, with many looking much worse than they actually were. Riding as a group of 6 with one person keeping all the score cards, meant everyone watched each other like a hawk to see who dropped what. The 1,2,3,4 and 5 scoring system really keeps you trying. Lots of encouragement, but a great deal of competitive banter.
Every now and then the Oliver boys showed up and showed us how to ride the grades above us - they make it look ridiculously easy
There was a mixture of old classic bikes; some home made specials, up to the very latest trials machinery. Ages ranged from 14 to 65!
The views were spectacular, but I knew that day 2 held even better ones
Scores in our group were amazingly close, with each of us having a silly mistake or two that really cost us.
We simply didn't want to stop riding and after the event we were the last group to stop playing, pack up and get to the closest pub for a beer, despite the incredible weather and the thirst that had built up.
On the Saturday evening all the riders get together at the Waimea Club for dinner and to swap stories, watch videos of ourselves and have a good old fashioned catch up. With another big day the next day and for me, a long drive back to Auckland, no one gets too carried away, well certainly not in our older age group.

[Sunday Day 2 - Ihatove]
A different loop, with climbs and views that stay permanently etched in your mind; another 18-20 sections out on the trail; with a second chance at the same excellent 10 sections by the carpark, with lots of spectators to keep you focused.
Stephen started us all a bit earlier to cater for all the out-of-towners; Christchurch and all of us from Auckland- thank you
A mixture of dry rocky climbs, slippery riverbeds, steep banks and tight turns, logs and hillclimbs- everything a trials rider wants and more.
Our group, down to its core of 5 riders, had rivalry going from the first section. For me it was another of life's lessons; rode too nervously, didn't scan far enough ahead and made a hash of it. Non-stop rules sometimes catch you out if you don"t scan far enough ahead as the obstacles come up quickly and you can't simply stop, balance and re-gather yourself.
Three dabs later on a section everyone else cleaned, I had lost my advantage from the previous day. It was the only time I forgot what we were there for- fun and I have to say it took a couple of spirited good rides to get back on the right page and then everything was right with the world again.
I've said before that trials is so much like another of my sports-golf, and it is a good time to list the similarities.

1. Compete against the course designer, fellow competitors, but mostly against yourself
2. Score one another in groups, to keep it honest on paper-based cards
3. Handicap system - different grades catered for, so you can enjoy the event all together
4. Have to forget a bad ride/hole- you can't carry on a bad score to the next hole/section
5. The equipment's important, but nowhere near as much as the skill level. A good player/ rider can make old gear talk, as much as a poor rider can't extract much out of the latest gear
6. Marvellous sense of achievement when you do what you aimed to do. Could be a par or a clean
7. Get to wear silly clothing but no one laughs at you
8. Everyone thinks that buying the latest gear improves your ability; in fact, what happens is with new gear you practice more, so of course you improve
9. If you have a dollar to spend, spend it on coaching ahead of bling
10. They both started in the British Isles (if you count Scotland as British isles) and have passionate English followers.

The real difference is that Trials requires two balls whereas golf requires one!
(Apologies to Steph Downes (riding expert) who was as ever masterful)
Some of the trail on day 2 was more challenging, with a little bit of pushing required if you didn't carry enough speed on the shale hill climbs, but it wasn't beyond anyone with a little help.
Again the views were spectacular and blue skies reigned supreme.
The battle in our group was fantastic, with some riders excelling at different things; Ross Brown's 4rt was beautiful in slippery rock streams; Peter Elliott's Ossa 280 was sublime in tight stuff; Andrew Meisner's 4RT, was as ever, as smooth as silk in the slippery bits and Ian Petty was able to glide over the bigger obstacles.
I was so fiercely competitive that I wobbled my way nervously, to have some good rides from time to time. The bikes never missed a stroke.
The Ihatove scores were tallied quickly at the end of the day, with Andrew ahead of me by 1 mark and the rest only a few points behind.
We all knew where we could have improved our riding, but no one could have had more fun.
Loaded up and out of there by 3.30pm, saw a long trip home done in one hit and by 10 am next morning I was back in Auckland, tired but happy. The boys flew home and were safely tucked up in bed at 8pm!!
Every one of us has traded stories and thoughts for weeks afterwards and all are committed to doing it all over again. This time we will drag a few more north islanders along, but truth is if they don't come we are still going to have an absolute blast without them.
Add it to your bucket list and do what we have done, book it in and pay now! Stephen hires bikes but with a big contingent expected from Japan and the UK, it will pay to secure a bike early if you're not taking your own.
See you there in February 2014. It will be the fifth NZ Ihatove Adventure event, and Stephen Oliver and his team have some lovely little touches planned already.
I wouldn't miss it for quids.
Four! (strokes rule supreme)

» 2013 NZ Ihatove Adventure Trial «

Bonza weekend

18th February 2013

Hi All

Feed back received: I thought this summed the weekend up nicely. Thank you.

“WOW what a “bonza” weekend.

I can honestly say that I have not been involved in anything as friendly or enjoyable as this years Ihatove event. The atmosphere was fantastic. It was a pleasure to be able to share the moment with so many like minded riders.”

Full report to follow.


We have a "Green Light"

13th February 2013
hard day at the office
hard day at the office

The 2013 NZ Ihatove preparations are all but completed.

Update from the NonStop Team

Saunders isn't coming this year. 2014 will be his time. Arrangements are being made for a ChCh, Nelson and Auckland based training next year.

The plan for Friday will now be to get out to bike park by 11 with a start at 12 and coaching till about 4- This will be a valued packed day with Stephen, Pete and Nick taking coaching - Not all 35 -40 entries are coming on Friday (probably about half)so good level of 1:1 tuition,"Fantastic".

WE have Friday morning pick up of our overseas riders from the airport; Allan Boot is handling this task. Muck around and then get into it.
The Oliver boys will look after your needs and wants, they will watch, suggest improvements, show and watch again, etc.
Think of a skill area you particularly want to improve upon beforehand. Loading bikes on and off the trailer doesn't count.

Saturday will be fantastic!! The boys have spent 3- 5 hours marking out each section!! They cater for all grades and clearly a lot of thought has gone into it. They can even cater for Jason baker or a Liam if he turns up.
Emphasis for section setting has been for long smooth and flowing using the grounds contour.

There are approximately 12 -15 sections out on day ones trail plus we return to a further 10 near home base that will ridden once on the Saturday.

On the Sunday- a different loop that's a bit shorter, but still the same 10 approx near car park and 12-15 out on the trail

All sections each day counts toward the Ihotave .The ones close to home base which we ride each of sat and sun will also count as a score( a trial within a trial) if you like.

The terrain is so good that everywhere we go there will be a natural section to play on. Don't for an instant think you won't have enough section time!
You can keep together and have some fun, no one needs to disappear off and ride on their own, and time wont be an issue (fitness will)

One of the fantastic things is that you will have picked your own degree of challenge for the weekend, the colour line is your choice and then this will determine the grade that you will be allegeable for.
Its about having a ball, I am certain none of you are riding the Ihatove just for a trophy! The emphasis of this event recaptures the original Ihotave spirit of having Fun. (As opposed to a NZ champs with all the attendant pressure etc)

I believe this change in format (for those of us who have been before) is a good one- It keeps you all riding similar sections. There are not two huge loops on the Sunday- just the one plus the nearby sections we get a second chance at.

We supply the venue and event it is now up to you to have fun and enjoy.

The NonStop Team welcome you.

New Project "Special Events unit"

29th January 2013
Special events unit
Special events unit

Having managed to purchase the TRX 350 4x4 very early last year and now with the addition of the ATV trailer, which I am currently specially kitting out to carry all the required material to be able to completely set out an event, without the need to return to home base to collect more pegs etc. This combination will go a long way to helping make the task of marking out off road events much more enjoyable.

This will be a handy unit with future events. The Ihatove and the Nelson round of the Sth Island Champs are just a couple that I can think of that are just around the corner.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has supported the NZ Ihatove events to date as your involvement has gone a long way to make it possible to build a good inventory of equipment so we can run more fun filled events in the future.

Entries are starting to poor on in for the NZ Ihatove next month, the programme is going to the printers' midway through next week, so ping us some details so we can include you, even if you are still not sure. We will understand as I am the worlds best at making a last minute commitment.

Thanking you All


Mixing it up

21st January 2013
Jotagas for company
Jotagas for company

Stage one completed:

Most of the hardware is sorted, 500 plus pegs later. I only had the Jotagas to keep me company today until Peter turned up early afternoon, which was a surprise visit. You can't blame me for thinking that he was here to give the old man a hand.

As it turned out, he had his lady friend with him and he was here to load his bike up and was heading out for a ride to show Sapphire how good he is. I made a quick decision to join him as I thought it would be a good opportunity to impress Saph and do a little showing off of my own. We had a great ride, despite the heat. We returned home where Peter and Sapphire were kind enough to unload while I continued with the making of the pegs. It was a welcomed interlude. This stage of the preparations is now complete. Nick has volunteered to give me a hand this coming weekend, when we will start laying out the route markers.

2013 NZ Ihatove preparations continue:

20th January 2013
Making of the marker pegs
Making of the marker pegs

The preparation is in full swing for this years NZ Ihatove / NonStop Trial.

The last couple of weekends Deborah and I have been manufacturing a new set of pegs. We are aiming at having most of this completed this weekend so we can focus on checking and marking out of the Trails for the Ihatove.

Then the following weekend continue to set the sections in the trials park area.

Time is running out fast.

2013 NZ Ihatove Adventure Trial

30th December 2012
Hard day at the office
Hard day at the office

The preparations for the up and coming 2013 NZ Ihatove Adventure Trial are well under way. The weather has been kind and we have made some good progress. With the Westport trail ride on the 2nd and 3rd followed by this event on the 15th, 16th, and 17th, February is shaping up to be a great fun filled month, one not to be missed.

We would encourage all who are keen to be part of these events to notify the organisers of your intention so we can make all the necessary arrangements such as arrange programmes and bookings etc.

Look forward to seeing you all and all the best for another fun filled year.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

9th December 2012
Best wishes from The Family at NonStop
Best wishes from The Family at NonStop

The Team (family) at NonStop Adventure New Zealand would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy and Safe Christmas.

We are looking forward to the New Year and what it will bring. The first major event will be our own NZ Ihatove event on the third weekend in February so we are all looking forward to catching up with some of you then. 2013 calendar is already full so it going to be another busy year.

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