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NZ Ihatove Adventure Trial -2019 details below

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It all started in 1982 when Yasuo Manzawa visited New Zealand as a Moto-Journalist writing promotional material for the then new Honda TLR200. Stephen's father Allan Oliver was the South Island General Manager for Honda and Stephen was a salesman for Honda in Christchurch. Stephen and Yasuo became friends.

23 years later Yasuo Manzawa read an article in a Japanese trials magazine written by NZ resident Fumio Noguchi. NonStop Adventure NZ was officially launched in November 2004 and Fumio wrote about the Oliver family who have been involved in the sport of trials for three generations.

Yasuo contacted Stephen and visited NZ in 2005, at which time he introduced Stephen to the concept of the Idemitsu Ihatove Trial adventure ride, which resulted in an invitation to the 30th Anniversary event in Japan in 2006 for six members of the Oliver family father, son & grandsons, along with his wife Deborah. Preceding the visit to Japan, TV Iwate sent a crew with Yasuo to NZ early in 2006 to produce a documentary about this fascinating story and the rest as they say -is history.
See below for the history of the Idemitsu Ihatove Trial in Japan and the development of a NZ version launched in 2010.

2019 NZ Ihatove Adventure Trial 10th Anniversary Weekend (scroll down for the entry form)

We are proud to announce that the 2019 Ihatove Trial will be celebrating our 10th Anniversary and to help do this we have five Japanese Women Riders and three Australians joining us for the weekend.

All three days are held at the NonStop Trials Park, signposted from the Eighty Eight Valley Road turn-off, Wakefield, Nelson.

Friday is a half day trial to familiarise yourself with some of the Ihatove sections.
Saturday and Sunday will give you the Ihatove experience.

Emphasis for section setting is long smooth and flowing, using the grounds contour.

There are approximately 12 -15 sections out on the Saturday trail plus we return to a further 10 near home base (all sections are ridden once).

On the Sunday- a different loop that's a bit shorter, but still approximately 12-15 trail sections and the same 10 at home base (all sections are ridden once)

All sections on both days count toward the NZ Ihatove result.

Don't for an instant think you won't have enough section time! You can keep together and have some fun, no one needs to disappear off and ride on their own, and time won't be an issue (fitness will). It's about having a ball, I am certain none of you are riding the Ihatove just for a trophy! The emphasis of this event recaptures the original Ihatove spirit of having Fun.

There is just one loop each day and you get a second chance at the home base sections.

DAY ONE Friday 8th February-
1pm Sign on and riders briefing

1-4pm NZ NonStop Trial with assisted coaching and section introduction including walk-you-through dedicated sections. Think of a skill area you particularly want to improve upon beforehand.

4pm - dark Free time/ do your own thing - due to the fire risk the Ihatove loops being used on Saturday & Sunday are out of bounds on this day

DAY TWO Saturday 9th February -

The first day of the two-day NZ Ihatove Adventure Ride(using the Parkes and Hunt families properties)

Loop Two of the Ihatove Trail -including trail sections and a series of ten sections at home base

9.30am Sign On/ Riders Briefing

Riders begin in groups of three or more at intervals from home base. This ensures a constant flow of riders through the sections and minimizes queuing.
This loop takes approximately three hours. Riders are not timed on the trail portion, but there are sections along the route where you record each others scores. Fuel up before you leave.
After the loop, riders return to home base and ride a series of sections. All riders complete the loop and the home base sections.
Refreshments are available for riders at home base.

7pm Saturday 9th February -
Social evening. CrossRoads Restaurant,Brightwater Motor Inn, 1 Lightband Road, Brightwater. Tel: 03 542 3607 Email:

Restaurant & Bar available. Time to socialise with other riders and see some Ihatove footage.

We have a dedicated room for our use.

DAY THREE Sunday 10th February-

Day Two of the NZ Ihatove Adventure Ride

Loop One of the Ihatove Trail -including trail sections and a repeat of the ten sections at home base

9.30am Riders Briefing
Riders begin in groups of three or more at intervals from home base.
This loop takes approximately two hours.
After the loop, riders return to home base and ride the series of sections used on day one. All riders complete the loop and the home base sections.
Refreshments are available for riders at home base.


A BBQ lunch will be provided while your final scores are tallied giving you a good opportunity to swap your Ihatove stories.
Ihatove Certificates will be presented in each grade.

One of the fantastic things is that you pick your own degree of challenge for the weekend, the colour line is your choice and then this will determine the grade that you will be eligible for. It may take you a minute to get your head around this but those that tried it for the first time last year were all very happy at the end of the day. If you start on too high a grade we allow you to drop to a lower grade (you keep any points incurred up to the point of changing and then continue at the lower grade).

Red - Future Champs (Under 19) OR Masters 35+
This grade is for experienced intermediate and A-grade riders

Yellow - Sport OR Junior (Under 15) OR Masters 45+
This grade is for middle and less experienced Intermediate riders

Green - Pursuit OR Masters 55+ OR Twin Shock OR Classic A+ OR Post Classic Air Cooled Mono Shock Disc or Drum
The sections in this class have an easy, flowing portion followed by a series of more challenging obstacles.
This grade is for Presidents/Clubman A and Classic A+

Blue - Recreation OR Cadet (Under 9) OR Vet 65+ OR Pre 65 OR Classic A
This grade is for Clubman B and Classic A riders.

White - Social OR Vet 70+ OR Classic B
This grade is for Social and Classic B riders

Women in all grades and classes above have the additional chance of taking out this title.

Scoring will be in accordance with the Ihatove scoring system using the NonStop rule -
ie. a 5-point penalty for stopping in a section along with possible scores of 0,1, 2,3,4 (i.e. 4-point penalty for four or more dabs).
The key challenge is not so much the size of the obstacles as the need to ride them all in a smooth, flowing style without halting. The 0/1/2/3/4/5 scoring system also reduces the number of tied scores at the end of the day.

All three days are held at Punawai Farm, signposted from Eighty Eight Valley Road, Wakefield, Nelson.

Bring a water bottle, fuel and food supplies (rider lunches supplied Fri & Sun). Fuel & Food (bakery and supermarket) available from the Wakefield township.

Sports Tourism The inaugural 2010 NZ Ihatove Adventure Trial was very well received with premium coverage in NZ, Japanese, English, French & Italian trials magazines. As a sports tourism event it is also supported by the local Tasman District Council and a draw card for international participants.

NZ Ihatove 2016

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Inaugural Event - February 2010

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Ihatove goes international
At the request of the Idemitsu Ihatove Trial management team the inaugural NZ Ihatove Adventure Trial, was held on 20-21 February 2010, a new page in the history of the Ihatove Trial. Through their close ties with NonStop Adventure NZ and the Oliver family many of the event's organizers have visited the Tasman district, and they were convinced that it provided an ideal setting for the first-ever Ihatove event to be held outside Japan. Key riders from Japan including Ihatove Trial Chairman Yasuo Manzawa and top Japanese rider and coach Takumi Narita attended the event. The NZ Ihatove Adventure Trial embodies the Ihatove Spirit of fun, friendship and challenge and builds even stronger links between trials communities in New Zealand and Japan.

NZ Ihatove Adventure Trial
Special permission was given in 2008 by the nephew of the Japanese poet Kenji Miyazawa, who created the word Ihatove (denoting "dreamland"), for naming rights to allow NonStop Adventure to use Ihatove in the title of their event. As the event is supported by the Tasman District Council and held in the Tasman region, the mayor invited riders from Japan to attend and presented gifts to organizers at their 2008 event, which was attended by NonStop Adventure riders. The council gave permission for the use of their logo in the design of the NZ Ihatove Adventure Trial logo.

New Zealand Ihatove Photo Gallery
New Zealand Ihatove News

NonStop Adventure NZ
NonStop Adventure NZ has a proven history in the organisation and running of professional events in NZ including the NZ National Trials Championship in 2006 and the highly successful Oceania Competition in 2009 with Japanese guest rider (Japan's National Trials coach and podium World Outdoor rider) Takumi Narita attending as we work toward this event becoming a tri-nation competition.
Nelson is also the home of the NonStop Adventure Trials Park and training academy (google map) and has successfully promoted the region in top bike magazines Kiwirider, Dirt Rider Downunder
and many overseas magazines and websites.

Its own website has a large number of hits, and visitors from Scotland, Wales, England, Australia, Thailand & Japan have all been drawn to the spectacular scenery and friendly team.

NonStop Adventure have worked with Nelson-based firm Goldpine for many years and support the Goldpine team at Mystery Creek with their professional trials display riding, helping to give Goldpine an edge in attracting crowds to their stand. This partnership helped to secure first place for the Best Large Outdoor site award this year at Mystery Creek Field Days.

NonStop Adventure is working closely with the Tasman District Council to introduce this new sports tourism venture to the region. Mayor Richard Kempthorne personally met with Takumi Narita during his visit in 2009.

Uk Trials Magazine

History of the Idemitsu Ihatove Trial

Founders Yasuo Manzawa & Shozo Narita (1980's)
Founders Yasuo Manzawa & Shozo Narita (1980's)

Back in 1973 and 1974, Japanese riders Yasuo Manzawa and Shozo Narita rode Honda TL125s in the Scottish Six Day Trial. Having faced all the challenges of that event and experienced Scotland's spectacular scenery, they decided to hold a trial in Japan to give local riders a taste of Scottish-style riding.

Nowadays the Japanese Idemitsu Ihatove event attracts around 500 entrants each year, ranging from first-time novices to All-Japan trials champions. The Ihatove Trial is not a championship event and no license is required to participate.

Ihatove Website

Here is a link to the Japanese site of the Idemitsu Ihatove Trial.
Although it is in Japanese you will find some interesting photos and videos.

Ihatove website
Our suggestion of menus to look at working down from the top left menu bar -
No. 7 - Videos
No. 8 - Photo History from the first event in 1977
No. 9 - Photos
No.10 - Oliver Family participation in 2006

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You can now find our Ihatove news on our Facebook page - NZ Ihatove Adventure Trial
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Another fantastic year done and dusted

2015 NZ Ihatove Adventure trial

The NZ Ihatove Adventure Trial has once again been a fantastic weekend and from all the feedback we've had from the entrants this year we have been encouraged to continue this favourite event next year. It is popular for its camaraderie, fun and all round positive energy and we have reached a tipping point as we are now in a growth period with more enquiries from overseas, all wanting to be part of this special weekend.
Thank you to all those who particip . . . Read more »

NZ Ihatove Feedback

Happy faces = fun times

This is the third time I have traveled from Auckland to Nelson, to ride the annual NZ Ihatove Adventure Trial Event.

That's a 2000km round trip crossing the Cook Straight by Ferry.
After coming back last year and waxing lyrical about how much fun it was, several of my fellow Auckland Trials riders made the pledge to join me.
This time I was in fact lighter and fitter and riding my own bike!
What made this trip different was the fact that we all commi . . . Read more »

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