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New Zealand Trials News

JTG TRIAL "Press release"

10th November 2011
Jordi Tarres with the latest creation
Jordi Tarres with the latest creation

Here is the latest Press release that has come to hand. We also have some really detailed photos of the new Jotagas Trials machine (see more images).

The more time I spend looking closely at the attention to detail and quality of finish, I am now starting to understand that this is a very well thought-out machine.

I believe that this will be a top contender in our world of trials.


V3 suspension system has been designed to provide the best advantages, the position of the damper, anchored laterally to the frame, lowers the overall weight considerably without losing progressiveness, ideal for the practice of trial.
Conceptually it has been placed in a position to execute pressure longitudinally to the main frame tube and to the higher swing arm profile, all the anchors are aligned to use short screws and reduce bending.
Three rods, three screws, three movements in one axis, to reach the third system evolution called V3

Close up
Close up


Result of an intensive job research, a revolutionary frame has been developed integrating exceptional conditions, an optimal triangulation and a reduction in the total volume in terms of both, size and weight, forged aluminum provides strength and the possibility of working variable profiles optimizing each part and increasing material only where it is needed.
The fuel tank integrated inside the frame, uses internal tubes to reach higher fuel capacity without increasing the external volume and improving the whole set rigidity, allowing works on external surfaces and providing a well defined character.



JT swing arm has been considered one of the strategic parts of the bike, made of forged aluminum 6061 provides a variable profile including real distinct forms, it´s structure has been designed to integrate the V3 anchored suspension system on the side.



Designed and developed for the practice of trial, small and integrating all the requirements to achieve both, reliability and performance.
A larger diameter crankshaft inside provides more inertia and the 5-speed gear system reduces size and weight using a reliable conventional system.


Considered a strategic part for the performance of the engine, it has the best air capacity, almost three liters and a great suction power to guide the flow of air through a rubber nozzle giving the engine much more power to all levels.
The side filter replacement system allows an easy accessibility and ease of cleaning.


The geometry of the bike, a key aspect, provides comfortable, pleasant and efficient driving reactions; the weight reduction has been a priority and has been achieved through the design of each piece pursuing this purpose without losing the proper weights supply and the driving position that allows the bike to move easily without losing precision in the front part.

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In the Blood

9th November 2011
Ben and Craig "top of their game"
Ben and Craig "top of their game"

Great Grandfather Allan Oliver has cause to be very proud; sons, Stephen, Grant & David, became top contenders in all off-road disciplines, with all three working for Honda dealerships while Allan was the South Island Sales Manager.

They rode in events with Allan all over the South Island, accompanying Dad as he visited his dealer network and have achieved numerous national titles.

Stephen specialised in Enduro, Moto-X & Trials taking out his Enduro national title in the early 1980s and then moving on to multiple national trials titles and has three sons of his own Andrew, Nick and Pete who have all made a name for themselves in the world of off road motorcycling, while Grant was a particularly fast and fearless Enduro & Cross County racer and has many wins to his credit, until just recently, after a shoulder injury sidelined him.

Youngest son David was always winning races regardless of the off road discipline. David's Moto-X and Cross Country career was cut short due to diabetes onset blindness. Even with his limited sight, history repeats itself as David now supports his sons Craig & Ben Oliver who are top riders in the NZ Mountain Biking scene, taking out NZ & Oceania championship titles.

Like their cousins they train and race together and have a very healthy understanding of having fun while being competitive at their chosen sport.

Jotagas unveiled

5th November 2011

The off-road world today got its first look at the long awaited new Jotagas trials and enduro machines developed by the legendary Jordi Tarres, unveiled at the EICMA Show, Milan.

The new Spanish company, also known as JTG, revealed five two-stroke models; the JT250, 280 and 300 trials machines and MK 250 and 300 Enduro bikes.

Jotagas unveiled at the Milan Show
Jotagas unveiled at the Milan Show

The new machines will be imported into the UK by ten time British Trials Champion Steve Saunders who has set up Jotagas UK. The exciting new models will be part of a range of new Spanish Trials and Enduro machines developed by seven time World Trial Champion Jordi Tarres and Enduro star Miki Arpa.

The new models feature class leading components, low weight characteristics (65 and 100kg for the trials and enduro machines respectively) and a unique rear suspension system.

Based at a 'state of the art' Jotagas factory at the MotoGP circuit of Motorland Aragon, the new models have been developed at the extensive trials, motocross, enduro and supermotard tracks at the facility.
Saunders commented, "It's fantastic to see the new Jotagas models and watch the press and public attention at EICMA today. The bikes look fantastic and no stone has been left unturned in the quest for the most advanced and durable components.

We can't wait to get the first machines to the UK and start getting riders out on them for their first reactions!"

The Team at NonStop considers this to be an outstanding achievement. The machine looks very unique. It appears to be of a very high standard, with ground breaking, leading edge technology. This is a job well done.

4th generation

20th October 2011
Fourth generation " Logan Nicholas Oliver"
Fourth generation " Logan Nicholas Oliver"

Our very good friend Youji Ishiyama has just recently posted an article on their web site concerning the" 4th generation". Family participation is deeply encouraged in Japan and when a family has more than two generations involved, and then this is seen as being very special and a great achievement. Ishi has kindly translated the article and here is a brief summary of what he had to say.

"A new born baby is the beginning of a 4th generation
Ideal 3rd generation trial family Oliver's has been welcoming a new face.
His name is Logan, a Nick's first baby.
Because Nick was good-looking boy when he came to Iwate in 2006,
a couple of people took it into their head that he was a girl.
But now Nick has joined good fathers.
And Andy's wife Magan is expecting.
Congratulations, Nick and Ember and Oliver family!"

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Boot Camp

11th October 2011
With the help from the bible, Pete has it figured
With the help from the bible, Pete has it figured

Sunday the 9th Oct was the NonStop Academy boot camp coaching day, with beautiful blue skies and warm sunshine in total contrast to the day before.

The founder of the NonStop Trials Park and author of the recent NonStop Off Road Coaching Manual, Stephen Oliver, covered the basics in good fashion, before moving on to some well marked out sections to put the theory into practice.

Stef Downes helped to set the bench mark and lead the way all day; the male participants using this as good motivation to lift their game plan.

Group Photo
Group Photo

Everyone pushed their comfort zone and succeeded at something that they would never previously have had the confidence to try.

Stef shows how its done
Stef shows how its done

The group had a ball, with plenty of fun riding included, along with the coaching, to give good balance to a great day.

Peter Oliver, renowned for 'not' taking the mickey out of his dad, was on hand and was taking full advantage of the "Off road bible" learning some interesting tips and new terminology which he can now use to identify the controls on his bike.

Upon completion of the day's activities Nick Oliver played the clown and entertained us all with a fine demonstration on how not to take your self too seriously, he had all of us in stitches.

Everyone took away with them a hard copy of the coaching manual and the latest NZ Ihatove riding shirt, in addition to some pieces of useful information and new found skills.

See Flickr photo gallery "Boot Camp"

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The Power of Trials

10th October 2011
 Team NonStop &  front row are Chris, Karl and Greg Power
Team NonStop & front row are Chris, Karl and Greg Power

Well what an action packed weekend to kick off the advent of day light saving.

Firstly Saturday saw the first day of the NonStop Academy boot camp, which worked well as a pre-event warm up for the actual coaching day on Sunday.

The weather was not what we have become accustomed to in Nelson and although the rain held off until the early afternoon when the boot camp participants departed, it then bucketed down, but fortunately stopped with the appearance of the Power clan late in the afternoon.

Out jumped the very keen and eager Power trio ready to rock. Greg Power multi NZ Trials and Off Road Champion now semi retired along with his son Chris Power and nephew Karl Power who Greg is helping to manage.

Karl cracks it
Karl cracks it

Greg was there to take the photos while both the boys received some one-on-one coaching and pointers to help them when they take on their next major event, The Roof of Africa. This is renowned for being one of the toughest events on the planet and as Chris Birch, a previous winner, has found a few added trials skills go a long way to a successful outcome.

Both Karl and Chris are accomplished champions in the dirt bike fraternity and have just returned from the ISDE where they both made NZ proud. They are both current Honda factory riders and have very busy schedules.

It was a great afternoon of camaraderie for the Power and NonStop teams, both having a ball sharing their knowledge and experience of the different off road disciplines.

See Flickr photo gallery "The Power Team"

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Fun Times

8th October 2011
Ishi and "Fun Times"
Ishi and "Fun Times"

We have received this story from Ishi in Japan and he goes on to tell us how a small group have had a very enjoyable fun filled weekend, meeting up and riding their road registered" treasured" TL125 Trials bikes.

"We had a Honda TL users meeting on Tohoku division in Appi resort last weekend.

6 enthusiasts gathered in Appi resort, and enjoyed riding on their old bikes very much.

Mr Kawamura, a director of this meeting, came from Yamagata Prefecture, which is south part of Tohoku
And he rode 330km to Appi by his own TL125 K2. It was a 7 hours trip to Appi!

Masafumi Siota (an efficient staff member of the Japanese Ihatove trial) riding his TL125 field tripper,
And his elder brother Junichiro Siota, TL125SB, came from Miyagi Pref.

Mr Hiratsuka came from Akita Pref. with his rare RTL250.

A thing of beauty
A thing of beauty

Reiji Taki (also a key staff member of Ihatove) enjoyed his TLR250R, and I rode my TL125SB.
My TL125SB has been given a licence plate after 18 years!

It had been a drizzling day, so when we went up to the summit of Mt. Maemori (Appi ski resort),

We could see a brilliant rainbow stretched across the country side.

I placed some red and blue cards for playing trials riding on the flat but slippery ground.

It seemed easy for riding, but was enough of a challenge to enjoy playing on our old bikes!

We arrived at the well-known Nanashigure-sansou lodge the next day, and looked back on this very pleasant memorable experience; it had been a great 2days."

It is great to hear these stories and what different groups are up to in the search for fun times. We at NonStop would like to thank Ishi for sharing this with us here in New Zealand.

World class performance.

4th October 2011
Jake on song
Jake on song

Jake has successfully defended his Australian Moto Trials Championship title with a world class performance.
Jake had a near-flawless ride over both days of competition where he turned in single figure lap scores to seal the win on just 11 points for the weekend. In second place was WA's Neil Price on 50 points and third place from NSW Kyle Middleton on 53.
The weekend was blessed with fine weather and beautiful blue sky, which kept the sections dry for both days of competition. The organizers decided to toughen the sections up for the second day to challenge the top contenders, which suited some riders and changed day 1 placings somewhat. We are hoping to have a full account of the event soon.

Our congratulations go out to Jake for doing us proud.

Sammy Miller's Motorcycle Museum

19th September 2011
Sammy smiles for he camera
Sammy smiles for he camera

by Dave Britten

A visitor to the Hampshire village of New Milton, a pleasant two hour train journey from London to England's southern coast, might be excused for thinking that the village is charming but not remarkable. That is true - until a half-hour walk brings you to a most remarkable place. Sammy Miller's Motorcycle Museum is well worth the trip. On display are over 320 bikes, mostly British (but significant Japanese and European brands are represented), and nearly all are in restored, immaculate, and running condition.

Sammy himself, in case you don't know, was multiple World and Scottish Six-Day Trials Champion (his 1400 trophies are displayed), developed the TL trials bikes for Honda, and he has competed in speedway, long track, and road racing. He is more than just the museum's figurehead, and is actively involved.

On the day Maree and I arrived, he was busy in the workshop applying the finishing touches to a customer's New Imperial, but he spared us the time for a tour, a chat, and he obligingly posed for a couple of photos. Not surprisingly, there was a TL250 engine on the bench, getting some demon tweaks added. When Sammy asked where we were staying, and we replied that we had a few days in London, he expressed his disgust and pointed out the Isle of Wight in the distance, and suggested we go there instead.

Everywhere you look, there is something amazing. For me, the best part was not only seeing bikes that I had heard of but never previously seen, but also seeing bikes of which I had never previously heard.

There are a number of one-off prototypes, too, including a two-wheel drive Maico cross-country bike (which has four separate chains from the drive sprocket to the front wheel), and my favourite bike of all, the 1912 Verdel 750cc five-cylinder radial-engined.

It is hard not to tiptoe around and to speak in whispers, as you keep finding different design elements that attract your attention and need pointing out. How about a prototype two-stroke Triumph, or the half a dozen various Vincents proudly displayed.

Need a break from staring in wonder? There is a café, a craft shop, and Alpacas, donkeys, and goats to pet. Something for everyone - but most of all, for bike enthusiasts with seven quid, there are hours to spend admiring the design, construction, and boldness of the pioneers who were the catalysts for the modern bikes we now enjoy.

Good Feed back

10th September 2011

NonStop has already had some very good feed back from the onset of the off road coaching manual.
We had comment that perhaps in the interest of fun that you should not be expected to practice what you are not good at, this is our reply.

I totally see where you're coming from. The boys and I also enjoy the fun aspects of riding and we do a lot more of that when we all go out together, but also to give balance and have a goal we include more serious competition riding. I hope our Ihatove event has eliminated the necessity for intense practice to become good enough to take part. You should understand that the manual content you're referring to is aimed at those that wish to better themselves from a competitive perspective.

The "practice what you are not good at" is for those that wish to challenge themselves to learn new skills. However, as my wife has found, when you are not confident with something it makes all the difference to have someone coaching you who can give you good advice and the confidence to give it a go knowing that they are there to support you when you try it and reduce the risk to yourself.
The whole idea of NonStop was to share the fun while learning with a coach that can take you one step at a time to whatever level you want to achieve. I would also recommend that you only spend part of your riding time practicing and then have some fun time. It is also important to practice with a friend. It makes it a lot more enjoyable to try things together.

This is obviously optional and only a recommendation, as we have stated that it is very important to remember to have fun, our comments in the Introduction clearly makes this point - "Observed trials is a challenging sport which when given time and practice allows you to become a more skilful rider. Don't lose sight of the reason you started riding. Wasn't it to have fun? Enjoy your sport at a level at which you feel comfortable, and always remember that it doesn't matter if you are a raw novice or the world champion - you can always improve!"

It is important for the Team at NonStop to have an appreciation for all of our readers and their needs we have been surprised at how different people view things and what is and isn't important to them.

Thank you for the feed back and we have made a note for the next edition.

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