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New Zealand Trials News

Nature's beauty

5th January 2012

I have taken a few more photos today which I think are really neat.

The weather was fine and there was a distinct feeling of summer in the air, this photo of Nick riding through a huge area of very pretty yellow daisies just confirms how amongst all the sad and unpleasantness on our home earth that there is still much beauty and happiness to be found if you just make the effort to look for it. Also how the trials motorcycle can help to access this experience.

On days like today it is so great to be alive and the only thing better is when you are able to share it with someone you care for.

Today was such a great day and having Nick to share it with was a bonus.

Hill sides covered in vibrant colour
Hill sides covered in vibrant colour

Here is Nick trying out the Quad, it was such a delight to enjoy the beauty of the spring / summer bloom with the hillsides covered in nature's beauty." Fantastic"

All this flowering display is hidden away behind loop 2

We are pleased to be able to share this with you and our Japanese friends and we hope you will enjoy the photos just as we enjoy viewing the photos and happy experiences of our Japanese counterparts when preparing for their Idemitsu Ihatove Event.

Fun times

4th January 2012
Giving it a go for the first time
Giving it a go for the first time

Yesterday was Deborah and today was Nicks turn to help.

We together finished off the track for the quad by increasing the width for improved safety.

Here is a good shot of me trying out the track and successfully negotiating the top corner before reaching the famous Ihatove Bridge.

The Quad fits over the bridge but not a lot of room to spare.

The Honda quad is very useful and ideal for what we require to help with the setting out of the NZ Ihatove event.

The quad handles the bridge
The quad handles the bridge

The NonStop team has a lot of work ahead of us but it is a great environment and we feel privileged to have the opportunity to spend many hours in such a rugged and very beautiful place

There are sure signs of the heavy rain we have had over the last couple of weeks. The creeks have been cleared and opened up a lot of new potential; with a bit of work we will be able to create some great new sections for all our entrants.

Summer has not fully kicked in at present and the heavy clouded sky helps when working. However we are very mindful that it is shaping up to be a very hot February so we are going to make the most of the natural bush and the shade that it has to offer.

Hard day at the 'office'.

1st January 2012
Before heading off
Before heading off

"A Great way to start the New Year"

Deborah and I have had a hard day at the 'office'.

We both headed out to the trials park to put in some serious hours of work.

The first job today was to make the track up to the bridge larger to cope with our new acquisition (Honda TRX 350 4x4 farm quad); fortunately the bridge is both strong and wide enough to accommodate the quad. Now we have easy access to the second property, where we will be heading tomorrow.

Peter and I put in a full day on Wednesday and have made some real headway. Major clearing of fallen trees has been necessary and repair work due to the recent floods that Nelson has been subjected to over the last few weeks.

I am glad to say that we are on target for the up and coming NZ Ihatove event and we have some really great sections for everyone.

I am really grateful that Deborah is so keen to help, she is a fantastic asset to the cause, and this afternoon she operated the spade for several hours while I was hard at it with the pick and grubber. Deborah impressed me with her commitment and endurance.

Merry Christmas

19th December 2011
Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas

Team NonStop would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. 2011 has been another very busy and exciting year and we are all looking forward to moving into 2012.

Now with the addition of the fourth generation and the advent of NonStops association with Jotagas the NonStop family is growing.

A very special thank you to all our supporters and we look forward to catching up in the new year.

Never too old to learn

18th December 2011
DRD December 2011
DRD December 2011

The NonStop team were privileged to be paid a visit by the legendary Power trio; Greg, Chris & Karl.
Greg Power is a legend in his own right having numerous trial and enduro titles to his name. He has passed on many of his skills and knowledge onto son Chris and nephew Karl.
Chris has also held the position of editor-in-chief of Dirtrider Downunder. He recently resigned as editor to take up the new role of professional rider and freelance journalist.

Both Chris and Karl wish to spend more time riding and competing in prestigious events nationally and internationally. They have just recently returned from the very famous Roof of Africa which is well known for its gruelling terrain and the success of fellow New Zealander Chris Birch who once again this year finished a very creditable second place, only being beaten by world champion trials and extreme enduro rider, Graham Jarvis.

The purpose of the Power clans visit to NonStop was to get some first hand training and advice and to brush up on their trials riding skills, in order to ensure their completion of the Roof of Africa event. Chris has written a great article of their day at NonStop which you can view in the December issue #76.

We very much enjoyed getting together and plan to cooperate in the future with some new initiatives in mind. The Powers are great believers in the benefits of cross training for both trials and enduro. These skills are transferable to all the off road disciplines (refer to the NonStop Coaching Manual).

Jotagas for NZ

16th December 2011
If only I had the airfare
If only I had the airfare

NonStop are very proud and pleased to announce after many months of negotiation and development we are part of the Jotagas world wide family, along with good friends Steve Saunders (UK), Adrian & Mandy Lewis (USA), Hiroshi Kondo (Japan) and Jack Field (Australia).
JOTAGAS, from its inception, has had on its team Javier Castany, professor at the University of Zaragoza (mechanical engineering department), Jordi Tarres, Multi World Trials Champion, and Miki Arpa Bulto, Enduro legend. Along with many others on the team, all with proven experience and great careers in the motorcycle industry, it is ensuring Jotagas its future success.
Jotagas was born with a philosophy that was very clear and transparent - maximise quality and smooth operation of the JT and MK bikes, and offer all the brand partners (suppliers, users, customers, distributors and riders) a new way of working, while enjoying and achieving results in line with their efforts and dedication: as a brand JTG develops winning bikes with which they will participate in both World Championships, - trials and enduro. The JTG bikes will have their own designed and produced engines.
It has two European Racing teams for Trial and Enduro competition which we aim to emulate in the Pacific Rim region with USA, Japan, Australia and NZ.
The NonStop team look forward to a bright future and are honoured to be working with such an innovative and experienced group of people.
JTG trial and enduro bikes will be going into production early in 2012, starting with just a few bikes to be used as demo bikes. Then moving forward a little later in the year with a small shipment of the production model.
Jotagas NZ will be announcing future updates as they come to hand.

Richmond A&P

15th December 2011
Peter and his fan club
Peter and his fan club

While Nick & Andrew flew the NonStop flag in the deep South, Pete & Dad Stephen held the fort at our local Richmond A&P show.

This was an experiment as the senior member of the team (Dad) had not ridden on Goldpine product.

They choreographed the shows well by Pete starting the commentary and Stephen riding some of the less severe challenges. Pete would explain the riding technique required to successfully negotiate the obstacles whereby Stephen would then demonstrate.Peter then added his flair to the more difficult manoeuvres.

This combination proved highly successful as Stephen set the bar low which assisted in impressing the crowd when Pete took to the stage. This was something Pete had orchestrated himself as Pete was heard saying to his father 'you'll make me look good!' in his usual cheeky manner. He proved to be right!

Peter had plenty of willing volunteers
Peter had plenty of willing volunteers

Stephen got the 'sympathy' cheers and applause from the crowd while Pete basked in the glory.
Saturday saw a record turn out to the local show with rain predicted for Sunday. The Goldpine Team X-treme posters proved popular as they ran out before lunch on Saturday.

Goldpine took names of those who missed out and have since produced another batch of posters which will personally signed and given to the young fans.


14th December 2011
Peter astride the new Montera
Peter astride the new Montera

The NRC (NonStop Research Centre) has successfully completed another project with the production of the 'Montera'.

This machine is a combination of a Honda Montesa 4RT rolling chassis, with a little tweaking in the transplanting of the Scorpa/Sherco 280 engine.

Debut outing for the new creation
Debut outing for the new creation

The major modification is the tuning of the exhaust system whereby the substantial GasGas muffler, 315 centre muffler box and lengthened header pipe to help the incredible torque that this bike produces.

As you will see by the photos it looks really sharp and performance is top notch, which is why youngest son Pete has already nabbed it, although Stephen will claim it back in the advent of Pete changing mount to the new 300 Jotagas.

One of the reasons for its great performance is that it is well 'planted' and holds its intended line. Due to its reduction in weight it is very easy to manoeuvre and is well balanced with plenty of controllable power on tap.

The pictures speak for themselves and all the team at NonStop unanimously agree it is a great result and the old man must know what he is talking about. (finally I have believers!).

Team X-treme head South

26th November 2011
Riding high
Riding high

The two hot shots Nick & Pete Oliver headed South to Ashburton to rendezvous with Tane and his team from Goldpine to entertain the locals.

Friday morning was for setup and the afternoon was dedicated to entertaining the rural community as it is a farmers only day. Saturday is open to the general public and drew big crowds thanks to the blue skies and sunshine.

Team X-treme had a great day entertaining the crowds and trying out some new manoeuvres as Tane had added some of his own imagination and flare to the setting up of the Goldpine display course.

In the absence of team manager and photographer the boys were pleasantly surprised when Stef Downes turned up and was on the camera all day, which produced some very outstanding photos of the day's events, not to mention great company. This proved to be great motivation with the boys keen to impress.

The boys were well received and taken with the hospitality shown to them and are looking forward to next year.

Classic Vintage Day Out

20th November 2011
Great day out
Great day out

November was a busy month with numerous shows and outings to the NonStop Trials Park.

One of our highlights was a day out with the Nelson Classic & Vintage Motorcycle Club.

plenty of one on one
plenty of one on one

Many club members turned up early in the afternoon to take advantage of an offer from the NonStop team to have fun trials riding, with some coaching thrown in.

All hands on deck as Andrew, Nick, Peter and Stephen were all present to make sure everyone was catered for.

Many of the riders reciprocate by offering their time and services as observers for the NZ Ihatove Adventure Trial held each February at the park.

This is a great arrangement and looks to grow in numbers.

The NonStop team in conjunction with Tim Tibbs of British Motorcycle Spares are keen to arrange future outings for the club at this great venue.

You will see by the photos that everyone had a great day.

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