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New Zealand Trials News

Southern Coaching

23rd July 2012
Southern coaching
Southern coaching

I headed to Christchurch to meet up with David Trewin, Stef Downes & Alistair King, where we had prearranged a couple of days of more serious coaching, while still remembering to have some fun.
We had the option of a couple of properties, but in the end there was so much on offer at the first property we stayed for both days. By spending concentrated time on the bikes, it was apparent that improvements were made to everyone's riding skills.

Due to their keenness, all riders benefited from the training and terrain on offer. Weather of course plays a great part in a successful weekend and although a little bit chilly the blue sky and sunshine made for a great weekend.
We all agreed that another weekend is a must, sooner rather than later.

Idemitsu Ihatove preparation

22nd July 2012
The grass cutting Team
The grass cutting Team

Yasuo and his team are well on their way with the preparation for this year's Idemitsu Ihatove Trial to be held at the end of August.

Yasuo had this to say -

"Once the snow disappears from the mountain at the end of May, preparations begin for the Ihatove. There are only three months until the end of August in which to finish all the work.

Most of the time is taken up in mowing the long grass. Cutting the grass along a mountain path with a mowing machine is another "moto-sport"

Users of the mountain trails get a big surprise at how quickly the paths are cut, making it easy to access for walking or running and they are very happy and thankful to us.
Everyone working on the cutting feel happy to be appreciated and it makes the task more enjoyable."

We are looking forward to seeing photos and news from the event.

The NonStop team wishes our Japanese friends all the best for the coming months.

BTC win for Ross & Jotagas

16th July 2012
photo says it all "Jotagas #1"
photo says it all "Jotagas #1"

Ross Danby, today made history by winning the west of England British championship trial in Devon On his Jotagas jt300.

Following on from his recent win at the Victory national and creating another milestone for Ross and the Jotagas Factory.

With the sun shining brightly through the trees, Ross rode brilliant all day and nervously completed the final section to be declared the winner.

This was a great day for Steve Saunders as it now confirms without a doubt that the new Jotagas machine has what it takes to win championship events and that his choice of rider will both be a force to reckon with.

Next event UK world trial.

Nick's first ride

1st July 2012
Nick adapting to the Jotagas
Nick adapting to the Jotagas

A few words from me,

Starting out I was a little skeptical as all my previous experience with two strokes has left me loving my Honda 4rt four stroke so much more.
Honda just has great standard suspension and a comfortable riding position.

I just had to make a few adjustments before I started it up for my first ride, push the bars forward an move the levers then I was all set to go.

Within the first five minutes I was already feeling comfortable although not quite used to the two stroke power.

The first thing I noticed was how well the suspension worked, with the funny rear shock setup I was really happy with how well it works especially when you get up on the back wheel.

The engine delivers a good amount of power when you start getting the revs up (more than enough power for me) and its a nice and smooth power delivery right from the start.The bottom end has a good amount of torque that I liked (as my four stroke has a heap of torque as soon as you give the throttle a little twist) and when you give it a hand full of gas and get into the high rev range I really had to hold on which gave me great confidence for the bigger obstacles as the bike certainly has the power for it if you want to use it, also the clutch is nice and soft (meaning the lever as I have little fingers haha) helping me get the best power delivery I could.

After warming up I was really starting to enjoy myself, The bike is light and easy to throw around so I started to get a little more serious and throw the jota gas at some bigger obstacles, it certainly handled itself excellently. Hitting up some bigger rocks and banks the rear shock really came into its own, hit the back wheel in hard and it drives right to the top keep the front wheel up and you get a ton of traction. The jota gas feels real comfortable with the front wheel in the air..

All an all the jotagas seems to be a excellent bike and the first two stroke I've ridden and actually liked and thought that it might be better than my 4rt.


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Fantastic result

4th June 2012
Pol heading for the win
Pol heading for the win

We are pleased to announce the news of the Fantastic result this weekend for Jotagas and particularly Pol Tarres as he claimed his first win of the season.

This is Pols first year in the highly competitive Junior class, having just moved up from the Youth grade. He is obviously adapting quickly to the new machine and has shown us, surprisingly early in this years world championship, that the bike is a very serious contender.

This event was staged in Japan and Hiroshi Kondo (the local importer) is delighted with such a brilliant outcome at his home round. It is looking like Jotagas is heading for a bright future.

With this weekends scores Pol now moves up to second place in the championship.

Jotagas arrives in NZ

1st June 2012
Special delivery
Special delivery

Deborah and I are pleased to announce that the first of the Jotagas machines have arrived safely in Nelson NZ.

The NonStop team are eager to put it through its paces and do a thorough assessment before its debut. By all reports it will not be long before you will all want the opportunity to give it a go for yourself.

On first inspection it is obvious how well made it is and that a great deal of thought has gone into the design of the machine. It is pleasing to the eye yet still allows room to move when it comes to personalising and adding your own bling.

We will give you a full report soon. Team Xtreme have put dibs on for the first test rides, so I am sure you will hear about it from a younger perspective, as well as my point of view as a NZ aficionado of trials.

Aussie World Championship Round 2

29th May 2012
Pol Tarres in action
Pol Tarres in action

Bou, the"Wizard of Oz"once again dominated at the World Championship Round held last weekend in Australia, but it was great to see some NZ names in the top ten results for Junior and Youth Champs.
Congratulations to Jake Whitaker (9) in Junior, and John Haynes (5) and Blake Fox (7) in Youth. Jake had an outstanding ride on day 2 taking out fifth spot.
Karl Clarke also did a great job minding for Jack Challoner who finished in 7th place in the World Championship Grade.

The Kiwi presence was strongly felt, with a large contingent of 120 New Zealander supporters travelling to Australia, for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see all of the top World riders so close to home.

This was also the first look at the new kid on the block Jotagas rider Pol Tarres, who didn't disappoint with a well deserved second place result on day one, finishing third overall after both days riding.

On Friday afternoon, after a big off on one of the larger unforgiving granite rocks while practising, spectators had a good look at the Jotagas as it lay on its side awaiting a replacement gear shaft. Meanwhile Pol and his minder had to inspect all their sections while they had the one chance of the day, so the bike was grounded along with many other bikes which needed overnight repairs.

This coming weekend sees Fujinami on home turf, as Round 3 is contested in Japan.

Paul Arnott and The Hell Team had a very strong presence and did a great job providing bikes and support for the factory teams. We understand they ran a very professional operation so here's hoping we may see the World Champs back Down Under again soon.

Congratulations Jordi

14th May 2012
Great result
Great result

Congratulations to Jordi Pascuet for a very solid result at this year's SSDT.

He has demonstrated that the Jotagas machine is very capable and that he as a coach and rider still has what it takes to foot it with some the best riders in the world.

Against all odds, Jordi was leading the event up to the mid way stage.

Despite the severity increasing each day Jordi achieved a magnificent result finishing in the top ten behind younger more experienced SSDT contenders.

This was a well deserved result for both Jordi and the Jotagas Team on their very first assault.

Well done.

Jotagas leads the way

10th May 2012
MrTarres, Mr  Pascuet &  Mr Saunders "Happy Faces"
MrTarres, Mr Pascuet & Mr Saunders "Happy Faces"

It is very pleasing to see that the Jotagas rider Jordi Pascuet sits alone at the top of the leader board as the 2012 Scottish Six Days Trial (SSDT) reached its halfway stage earlier today.

The Spanish rider went clean for the third day in a row, to give himself a real possibility of providing the new bike brand with an incredible SSDT winning debut with three days to go.

Now the pressure is really on for the Jotagas Team. The NonStop Team here in New Zealand wish JTG all the best for the remainder of the event.

For update results and news check out the SSDT 2012 website.

Pol Tarres and JOTAGAS

1st May 2012
 Pol Tarres , Francesc ( father) and Jordi Tarres.
Pol Tarres , Francesc ( father) and Jordi Tarres.

Pol Tarres and JOTAGAS get a well deserved third place on Saturday and finish fifth on Sunday in La Bresse WTC in France, achieving an overall fourth position in the Junior World Championship classification.

Pol, who is still recovering after the surgery to his hand that took place three weeks ago, confirms that he is well on his way to a full recovery, and is looking forward to fighting for the championship title.

The focus is now back to the UK as Steve Saunders has been very busy preparing his Jotagas Team for their assault on the SSDT.

The hot Jotagas favourite Ross Danby is looking sharp and is hoping for a top ten finish. We wish Steve and his team all the best.

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