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New Zealand Trials News

Update from Jake

21st May 2008
Jake with his Montesa TRW125
Jake with his Montesa TRW125

Hi guys

Hope you are all fit and well back home.

Weather over here is starting to get better. The last couple of weeks I have been training hard on the bike and at the gym and with the weather been nicer it has been a lot more enjoyable.
Tomorrow if the weather is alright Karls family and me are going to see Josh Coppins race at his 4th GP Motocross event so that should be pretty cool and a change of scenery for the day.
Next week will be training hard again and on Thursday will be getting the bike ready for the next Italian race and after that we are heading off to Japan the following Tuesday to ride the 4th world round and will be good to experience a new culture.

Montesa TRW125
Montesa TRW125

Funny story, was out training the other day as normal and we saw these rocks we hadn't seen so I did what any kiwi would do and went and rode the rocks made a section and was riding it on the back wheel going for the clean and as I looked up there were two police officers, with guns, standing above me watching.

Thought they were going to arrest me, they came down to me and started to talk in Italian and I asked if they spoke English and they said yes, they said that I was not able to ride here and asked what I was doing and I said I was training for the Future trial team and then the next half an hour they talked to me about the bike and where I'm from and why I was here, but I still couldn't keep my eyes off the handcuffs and gun though, but in the end they were cool but just said not to go back there.

Will update you all when I get back from Japan. Cheers, Jake.

Ihatove Spring Trial

10th May 2008
Iemura wearing pink vest , Ishiyama-san behind on our right.
Iemura wearing pink vest , Ishiyama-san behind on our right.

Our Japanese friends on the Ihatove Trial staff have been hauling their bikes out of winter storage and heading for the hills again, kicking off the season with a Spring Trial on May 5th. The event attracted 16 entrants who rode 18 observed sections in warm spring weather. There was a good variety of terrain, and competitors were kept on their toes by challenging sections demanding sound riding skills. The importance of good technique was underlined when Tsuchiya-san, who has been riding since the early days of the Ihatove trial more than 30 years ago, took top place on a TL125! Second place went to Ishiyama-san, who visited Nelson last year. Judging from the photos, he was riding in fine style. Some other familiar faces can also be spotted in the photos - there's no missing recent visitor to Nelson Iemura-san in his dayglo-pink Ihatove vest! The event wound up with an informal award ceremony in a nearby restaurant. An enjoyable day out for all, and great practice for the big Idemitsu Ihatove Trial in August.

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WMCC Trials Champs - Rd 2

6th May 2008
Steve Armistead demonstrating great form
Steve Armistead demonstrating great form

From: Darren Stockman

Well the weather did have the final say, but most of us found something positive to remember the day by. It all began with Annette and myself camped out Friday night in pretty wild and windy conditions. Saturday dawned, and there was some blue sky about, so I set out to create some great riding on this picturesque property.

Firstly with my young helper Isaac Kershaw, who was on our doorstep bright and early. He had heard the "Stockman Circus" was in town. Even Grandfather Kershaw was fascinated by the camper (and whether we would get it out of the mud again?). Anyhow Isaac and I re-sorted the arrows and headed off to layout some sections. We got up to section 4 when Murray and Ian turned up and so we continued off with Murray to lay out section 5. I was pleasantly surprised how great it was when I rode it on Sunday.

Section 6 was going to be a new one set in some pines on the side of a hill, with Ian armed with his Riverhead saw, we carved out what ended up being a very entertaining section on Sunday when Chris Birch was on hand to show us both what not to do, but finally exactly how it should be done in such testing conditions. This was the theme for a lot of Chris's "Erzberg training" as he finally conquered most of the sections. There was time enough for some monster hill climbs by Matt Kershaw and Chris as Liam and I had to just look on, but this made for a great day of riding.

Steve would have to take out the prize for most  improved rider
Steve would have to take out the prize for most improved rider

The usual intense rivalry's continued in the Clubman and Intermediate grades with Murray replacing Derek this time to take on the formidable Steve Armistead from Hamilton (you don't have to be a brain surgeon to win here, but it obviously helps if you are a retired Heart surgeon!) as Steve attests to by leading the Class.

We had 10 great sections that were a blast on Saturday when I tested them, and I think Ian got a taste of some real trials riding as he tested the clubman sections. No Social riders turned up which was probably a good thing, the slippery conditions in themselves created a challenge even getting between sections.

Thanks again to the helpers, Murray, Ian, Matt, Isaac and the Kershaw family for the great property, we will be back there in our summer series!

There were lots of smiles on some pretty wet faces, but the feedback has been positive and I hope to see you all again at the next round, all classes are still wide open as only the best 3 rounds count, so go for it.

Annette and I were even treated to 'Opening Night' at Onewhero's 100 seat purpose built theatre with an hilarious show and it showed how resourceful small country communities can be when they are passionate about something. Thanks Onewhero for a great weekend adventure.

Waimea Weekly Competition Winners Day Out

2nd May 2008
Lydia with Andy who is proving a great hit with the younger visitors
Lydia with Andy who is proving a great hit with the younger visitors

Nick & Peter Oliver of NonStop Adventure Ltd recently hosted the winners of the Waimea Weekly holiday edition competition - Lydia Langbein, Billy Langley, Jordy Trafford and families at the 88 Valley Trials Park in Wakefield.

It was the first opportunity for everyone to attend together for a day of fun and learning and their first exposure to Trials riding.

Nick Oliver started with some basic riding techniques and a brief coaching session with skills that can be transferred to all off-road disciplines.

This was followed by a have-a-go session will all three winners given the opportunity to try out their form on the NonStop bikes.

Nick Oliver took the more experienced Jordy Trafford who currently rides a Morley Honda CRF150 machine while Peter and Andrew Oliver helped Lydia and Billy.

Andrew Oliver, the eldest of the three brothers, has a great way of relating to young people and will be a great asset in future coaching.

Nick & Peter also finished the session with a demonstration showing what can be achieved when you have the correct coaching and skilful instruction and a first-class facility available in the Tasman District thanks to the Parkes family and NonStop founders Stephen & Deborah Oliver. This is proving to be a great asset to the community on all fronts - locally, nationally and internationally with an opportunity for the Tasman District council to promote the Nelson region among NonStop's many guest riders, particularly from Japan.

It was a great way for the families to spend the afternoon together and good feedback was received with all three families eager to attend the next NonStop/Waimea Weekly fun day.

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Japanese Television Show Focuses on Local Riders

1st May 2008

A Japanese cameraman and journalist Shuuji Fujita has visited the Tasman Region to film and interview top local motorcycle trials riders Nick & Peter Oliver. This film will screen as a 1 hour program later this year.

Peter Oliver shows Iemura how to 'pull a wheelie'
Peter Oliver shows Iemura how to 'pull a wheelie'

Fujita was here with Iemura and Nakamura, staff members of trials company Idemitsu Ihatove which is in partnership with Nelson-based trial company NonStop Adventure Ltd.

Nick and Peter will be flown to Japan to compete later this year at the Idemitsu Ihatove trial promotion - giving them major exposure. Idemitsu has a strong relationship with NonStop, and founder Stephen Oliver says the trip will benefit trials riding in the region.

"One of the main reasons for the trip was to enable Iemura and Nakamura to visit New Zealand as advisors to NonStop Adventure in their efforts to promote trials nationally and internationally. As well, it was for us to tap into their expertise and experience in running and setting up an Ihatove trial in Nelson."

Stephen has also been working with Motorcycle New Zealand to encourage inclusion of Japan in the Oceania Challenge. This event is currently held annually between Australia and New Zealand. MNZ is talking with Federation of International Motorcycle (FIM) and Motorcycling Australia about the feasibility of this tri-nations approach to the Oceania Challenge.

Most of the footage for the programme was filmed at the trials park in 88 Valley, Wakefield. Fujita also interviewed Stephen, Nick, Peter and Andrew for the cover story of the 32nd Idemitsu Ihatove Trial television programme.

» Waimea Weekly Article 30 April 2008 «

Idemitsu Ihatove Trials Training Day

28th April 2008
Nick and Peter in training.
Nick and Peter in training.

Nick & Pete Oliver asked Stephen to resurrect the TY80s as they thought their Japanese friends would appreciate a photoshoot of them riding their first real trials bike.
These TY80s have been in the Oliver family for two generations and in their present condition they'll be good for another couple providing the boys don't ride them too often at an Expert level.
Pete & Nick thought it was a good idea to play a joke on Yasuo Manzawa, that they were putting in some intensive training for the Idemitsu Ihatove trial in August.

Manzawa-san has sent the following news to the boys as an added surprise as they prepare themselves for the trip.

"I like you are preparing for Ihatove on TY80!"
You will see not only Takumi Narita but also Kuroyama (multi Japanese Champion and World podium finisher) and Nozaki, in their first time appearance at the Ihatove classic trial.
As you already know, they are No.2 and No.3 in last year's Japanese Championship.

Mitani will be riding in classic trial again. I will introduce you to him.

About your bike, I will try to prepare Montesa Cota 4RT or Scorpa SY250 if possible. This time, 125cc would be little sad for you and Peter, I think.

Yasuo Manzawa

Manzawa who has a good western sense of humour quickly posted this story on the Ihatove website

Ishiyama, previous visitor to NonStop with his sons, saw Manzawa's article and commented that he had managed to secure two TY50s for the boys to ride as an added challenge.

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