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New Zealand Trials News

Another great effort from Jake

25th June 2008
Karl and Jake in France
Karl and Jake in France

We left for France early Friday morning and arrived at the site around 2pm that day. I was feeling pretty good on the bike in practice on Saturday and really liking the grippy rocks.

That afternoon we had a look at all the sections and all 15 of them didn't look easy with almost every section having a big step or jump in it. I started Sunday off feeling confident and fairly relaxed on the bike cleaning the first section and a one on the second on top of a big step to help pull me up.

I had quite a few fives through out the first lap and found a lot of the sections either a five or a clean. Second lap was slightly better getting through a few more sections but still struggling on the bigger steps.

I finished the day of in 11th place which out of 31 riders wasn't to bad of an effort and still in 9th place overall in the Championship.

Now I'm back in Italy preparing for the next World round here in Italy this weekend.

A big thanks to Mum and Dad for their help and support and also the Clark family, Karl for minding for me and also the team at Future.

Catch ya later

Mystery Creek 2008

20th June 2008
Nonstop's fan club gets the thumbs up
Nonstop's fan club gets the thumbs up

The NonStop/Goldpine Display team was in action once again at the 2008 Mystery Creek Fieldays near Hamilton.

Mystery Creek Fieldays celebrated their 40th anniversary as the biggest agricultural trade show in the Southern Hemisphere, showcasing the latest in agricultural products and services.
It attracts over 1000 exhibitors and 2008 saw just under 150,000 visitors through its gates over the four days, resulting in sales during and following the event in excess of $400million.

Riders, Nick & Peter Oliver, with manager Stephen Oliver, were riding over the four days on a course entirely constructed from Goldpine product.
Goldpine have been a major sponsor of the NonStop Trials Academy from its beginnings in Nelson in 2005. Goldpine also had their beginnings in Nelson in the 1970's with current Managing Director, Robert Eggers, starting out working for his father in post production and accounting.

Goldpine states that it is a young, progressive & professional company leading New Zealand in the manufacture & retail of rural outdoor timber products.

They were attracted to NonStop Adventure by its similar commitment to Youth and professionalism. The NonStop motto is - Trialing the Youth of Today for Tomorrow. Providing Challenge - Encouraging Confidence - Building Character.

Nick flying high
Nick flying high

Stephen Oliver is happy to be teamed up with Goldpine and its staff and products as he believes they share a number of key physical and mental attributes:

Rugged - built strong to take the knocks; Durable - built to last, no matter how extreme the conditions ; Dependable - quality you can rely on
Confident - believe in their abilities, undaunted by challenges ; Capable - have the skills needed to get the job done ; Passionate - about what they do and about the outdoors
Goldpine have been impressed by the commitment and passion shown by the team at Nonstop Adventure in Nelson and has chosen to encourage the highly skilled but under-utilised sport of trials. They are keen to see growth in the exposure of Trials throughout New Zealand where they have 23 branches and growing. The NonStop association helped lift their Tough not Rough profile and they secured a second place for Best Outdoor Site for the second year running.

This was a great opportunity for NonStop Displays to be at such a high profile event and seen by large numbers of the New Zealand public. This year saw the team kitted out in Goldpine sponsored riding apparel looking sharp in the green and gold.

Pete, master of the rear wheel hop
Pete, master of the rear wheel hop

The riders were well received by spectators and are proud to be part of the Goldpine team.

The boys, although hard-working and dedicated to their riding, also know how to have fun - "Tough not Rough" is the Goldpine slogan for their super posts and Trials exemplifies this concept. Both use advanced technology and skill to perform at their best.

After all who could complain when treated to three meals a day, good accommodation, good companionship from staff that drew out the best from the boys as they rode all day for four days straight. They earned the respect of everyone who got to know them and enjoyed being in the limelight. An audience brings out the best performance.

The boys especially enjoy interacting with the young people who come to see them ride and to inspire these future riders with their skill and enjoyment of riding, which is what it's all about.

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Introducing Pat & Michelle Whitaker

19th June 2008
Pat, daughter Grace, Michelle, Nick & Pete
Pat, daughter Grace, Michelle, Nick & Pete

During the boys recent visit to Mystery Creek we were hosted by Jake's parents at their property near Wellington both on the way North and then again coming home.

We were treated to a great roast meal on our arrival and although the boys have visited them before it was my first time and we received a guided tour around the homestead and Jake's personal training ground.

Although Jake had regular practice sessions at NonStop with the Oliver boys, Pat had built Jake a purpose-built practice course in their 'backyard' so that Jake could sharpen his skills before heading to Europe.

Checking out Jake's back yard practice area
Checking out Jake's back yard practice area

We very much appreciated their warm hospitality and the boys were able to speak to Jake in Italy on Skype after his recent exploits in Japan. Jake expressed how happy he was to be supported by the cheers of his new-found Japanese friends and it is the most encouragement he has received so far this year.

It looks like it did the trick as Jake has since gone on to win the Italian round in the senior grade against guys on bigger cc bikes on his return from Japan. Second spot went to Fisto an ex top Italian rider who rode for Italy Trials De-Nation a few years back and Jake said it felt good to bet someone with this much experience and a more powerful bike than his 125.

Jake on top of the Podium

18th June 2008
Jake on top of the Podium
Jake on top of the Podium

This is the latest result from Jake in Italy, top job Jake and congratulations from the team at NonStop and all your Japanese supporters.

Jake had this to say.

Hi Guys

Well I rode in the 5th round of the Italian Championship on Sunday in the senior grade against guys on bigger cc bikes.

My first lap was really good and after section 15 I was leading the trial by four points. My second lap started off much the same but half way through I had a really stupid five that on the first lap I got through for a two. This was very frustrating but made me fight even harder on the last few sections. I was able to clean most of them and after the last section I knew I was on the podium but didn't know what position until my biggest competition for the day came in. After we had seen his score we found out that I would be standing on the top step of the podium for the first time. Second spot went to Fisto an ex top Italian rider who rode for Italy Trials De-Nation a few years back, felt good to bet someone with this experience and more bike cc.

This has been a big confidence boost for me and I'm good about things going into this weekends World Round in France.

A big thanks to everyones support back home, Mum and Dad and the rest of the family. All the team at Future Trial and of course Karl and Debbie Clark for being over here and doing an amazing job.


Top Support for Jake in Japan

10th June 2008
Jake & Karl with Rumi
Jake & Karl with Rumi

Thanks to the organizers of the Idemitsu Ihatove Trial, Jake had plenty of local support during the recent Japanese round of the World Trials Champs. A group of Ihatove staff arrived at Motegi ready not only to cheer on top Japanese riders like Fujinami, but also to lend their enthusiastic support to Jake.
The spirit of Japan-NZ friendship was personified by Rumi, who turned up carrying a Japanese flag and wearing her lucky silver fern cap, a present from the Oliver family during their visit to Japan in 2006.

Iemura-san and Nakamura-san lend their support
Iemura-san and Nakamura-san lend their support

Iemura-san and Nakamura-san, who visited Nelson earlier this year, were also there sporting the same orange Ihatove Trial jackets that have recently been spotted on a few lucky NonStop riders. Jake's Japanese fans made up for limited English skills with plenty of body language and gestures, proving that trials truly is an international language.

Many thanks to the Ihatove team for this outstanding display of international friendship. In spite of very challenging conditions at Motegi, Jake achieved an impressive result - Well done, Jake!

Jake does us proud

6th June 2008
Jake checking out the Museum
Jake checking out the Museum

Team NonStop are very proud of Jake and Karl for their recent efforts in Motegi Japan.

Jake had this to say.

"We arrived in Tokyo on Wednesday morning and had around a two hour drive to the TWIN Ring Motegi Race Track where the trial was going to be held.
When we got there we had a good look around the place and that took the rest of the day up because the place was massive. There was a museum there that had former World Champion bikes on display so it was an awesome experience to get up and close with them.

Then on Thursday morning we headed down to the paddock and got all the bikes out of the boxes and made sure everything was ok for the following day.
Friday morning we signed in and got the technical inspection done on the bike then we headed out for a practice in the afternoon. The practice area was really muddy and difficult to ride so I new it wasn't going to be an easy weekend. Later that afternoon we took a look at all the sections and they looked really tuff and what made it worse was there was rain expected over night

Jake in action
Jake in action

Saturday morning I looked out the window to find a heavy rain storm so that was not so encouraging. But was still very keen to get out there and do my best. After the first lap I was pretty disappointed looking at my card seeing that I had only got through three or four sections. But it was the same for everyone else which was the good thing. So I went into the last lap trying to get through as many sections for a three as possible and taking the odd five on the impossible ones to save on time. I was able to get through a couple more sections on the second lap and had two cleans which made all the difference to the final result. I ended up in fourth place so I was stoked to be in the top five and so was the rest of the team so my confidence was a lot better for the second day.

The next day a few of the sections had been changed to make them a little more ride able. I still didn't get through them all and my scores were pretty similar to the day before but I had improved a little bit, but just not as much as some of the other riders and despite my best effort I wasn't able to get any better than seventh place but again I was really happy with that and so was the team.

That night I went to bed really tired as it was one of the most physical trials I have ridden. I have never had to push my bike through sections as much as this weekend and also for a good ride being a three and a clean ride just being incredible.

A BIG thanks to Karl Clark for minding over the weekend, another awesome job done as always. Also not forgetting the rest of the Clark family that is over here, Deb and the two boys Braxton and Jake, thanks for all the support.

Jake's supporters -Get psyched Jake!
Jake's supporters -Get psyched Jake!

Also thanks to the team, Future Trial, for the backing and support at the events and everyone back home for the encouragement and the Japanese fan club I now have that followed me around all weekend, thanks to all the boys at Non-Stop.

A special thanks to Mum and Dad for working so hard to make it possible for me to compete over here this year."


Kaikoura 3-Day Trial

5th June 2008
Dave Atwool astride his Scorpa 125
Dave Atwool astride his Scorpa 125

The 62nd Kaikoura 3-Day Trial got off to a great start on May 31, with the Oaro property providing a good variety of sections for all levels within a relatively compact area.

A frosty morning turned into a mild sunny day and the weather was perfect for catching up with familiar faces and putting names to new ones over the barbeque lunch.

There was plenty more socializing that evening, when a big contingent of riders packed into the Lobster Inn to watch the Super 14 Rugby Final.

What a Beauty
What a Beauty

Day Two at Mount Fyffe stayed dry, but the rain came pouring down that night to create very muddy conditions on Day Three. Just getting to some of the sections provided some of the day's greatest challenges (and entertainment!). Judging from the big grins on riders' faces, however, the showers and mud weren't getting anybody down.
The Scorpa 125 proved itself to be an outstanding Clubman bike, easy to handle and impossible to stall even in the hands of a beginner.

Quite a few riders came to take a closer look at the little 4-stroke, which was in good company among a bunch of Scorpa 250s at the event.

A spectacular setting, challenging sections, relaxed atmosphere and fantastic camaraderie - no wonder the Kaikoura 3-Day is one of the world's longest-running multi-day trials.

Many thanks to the Pioneer Motorcycle Club for all the hard work they put into making this event one of the highlights of the trials calendar.

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Darren pays NonStop a visit

27th May 2008
Darren getting started for a day of  Adventure
Darren getting started for a day of Adventure

Waitemata Motorcycle Club & Auckland Trials Co-ordinator Darren Stockman called by last weekend during his attendance at the Motorcycling New Zealand AGM and had this to say:

"What an awesome facility, not only were the man made obstacles extremely enticing and spectacular (I look forward to tackling them next time), but also the whole property amazed me with all its natural creeks, rocky gullies, dry rock outcrops and massive hill climbs.

Stephen was an excellent guide focusing on showing me much of what there is to offer. We navigated through native bush gullies, along slippery creek beds, up and down hillsides, way up high on ridge lines, and played on endless rock outcrops, what a buzz.

Darren was impressed with the new Scorpa
Darren was impressed with the new Scorpa

I look forward to returning in the spring with a small group for a full on 2 day training session.

Stephen said this will incorporate technical skills training and lots of Trials free-riding in two different areas, we both had to agree this is going to be a big part of why people will own a trials machine in the future, as it is just so much fun. Lightweight bikes that are environmentally friendly, and enable you to experience New Zealand's majestic landscapes with hardly leaving a trace; obviously the competitive ones amongst us will also continue to bring New Zealand Trials competition into the 21st Century making it more accessible, and more professional.

NonStop should definitely experience a continued increase in patronage as more Kiwis start to understand that a 'Nelson Trials experience' will include some of the best technical training available combined with a fantastic Trials Free-riding experience, with the added bonus of Nelson's many other attractions.

One of the purpose built obstacles
One of the purpose built obstacles

North Islanders watch this space my 'Trials Bus' will be available to collect your bike from next spring so you can fly down (for those busy people) for a most memorable 'Trials weekend'.

The Oliver family are excellent hosts and it was great to see the boys becoming a big part of the business, I wish everyone a successful trip to Japan for the Ihatove Trial later this year, and look forward to many beneficial trips back to the Academy.

Thanks again to Stephen and Deborah".

The NonStop Team had a great time showing Darren around our facility.

We would like to thank Darren for his words of wisdom and believe that he has a lot to offer our sport.

Darren is able to see that this form of riding has a bright future as it has many benefits as he has mentioned above.

We wish him much success in his efforts to lift the profile of trials in the top of the North Island and we would encourage others to get behind him and lend a hand.

Go Jake !

24th May 2008
Jake Whitaker
Jake Whitaker

Yasuo has posted the note below on the Ihatove site's public section:

Go Jake! Let's Support NZ Rider Jake Whitaker Posted by: Manzawa Posted on: May 22

A request to everybody who is going the Motegi round of the World Trials Champs:
We'd like to get your support for Jake Whitaker from New Zealand, who will be riding in the youth class, and his minder Karl Clark.
Both of them are good friends of the Oliver family and have often practiced with Nick and Peter.

Not yet 17 years old, Jake belongs to the Future Trials Team in Italy and rides the TRW Montesa 125, which is based on a Montesa Cota 4RT. He works his hardest every day in an unfamiliar environment and under a lot of pressure. So far he has come 13th in Luxembourg, 16th in Ireland and 10th in America. We hope he will aim even higher at Motegi.

Peter and Jake having fun times
Peter and Jake having fun times

If you see Jake, even if you don't speak English, yell out "Go Jake!" Just the thought that people are calling out his name in far-off Japan should give him a burst of energy. You can call out "Go Karl" to his minder Karl, too.

Spurred on by his win in America, Fujinami is showing signs of a comeback.
If you are taking a signboard to cheer him on, it would be perfect if you could write "Get psyched, Jake!" on the back of it and hold it up when Jake is riding.

Thanks, everyone!

Haruo Kimura

22nd May 2008
Haruo Kimura
Haruo Kimura

Over the past few years the team at NonStop have been very fortunate to have struck up a great friendship with the Japanese trials fraternity. This can be credited to the founder of the Idemitsu Ihatove trial Yasuo Manzawa and our own Stephen Oliver, founder of NonStop Adventure NZ Ltd.

The latest development is the green light to organise and run a NZ version of the Ihatove trial, which is due to kick off in 2010. This will be a great occasion as it will help bring riders from both our countries closer together.

We at NonStop are also very excited because Yasuo recently informed us that Nick and Peter will get the opportunity to meet and ride with the legendary Haruo Kimura when they are in Japan for the Ihatove trial later this year. Kimura won the first Japanese trials championship in 1973 on a TY250A, the first trials model which Yamaha had released that same year. He is a long-time friend of the famous British trials rider Mick Andrews, and both have been Yamaha development riders and technical advisers for many years. Kimura is also the man who created the original model of the Scorpa TY-S125F, a world top-selling trials bike with a Yamaha 4-stroke engine. This machine was designed as a trials bike that everybody could enjoy. The Idemitsu Ihatove Trial provided the main stage for its development, which took three years before the bike's formal debut. Kimura was even involved in the development of the Scorpa SY250F right from the beginning. The Yamaha Trials Team is now using this bike for the Japanese trials championships. Without Kimura, our choice of trials bikes would be quite limited today.

Team Yamaha, Kimura far right
Team Yamaha, Kimura far right

This is a great honour, and the third generation of the Oliver family are looking forward to taking part in this prestigious event as guest riders for a second time late in August. Nick and Peter have expressed a sincere interest in riding in other Japanese events in the future, should the opportunity arise. Both boys have been impressed with the friendliness of the Japanese people and are keen to further their relationship with their Japanese friends.

There has even been mention of Japan being part of the Oceania Championship, and I would venture to suggest a Pacific Rim Championship, which would include the West Coast of America.

So relations between Japan and NZ are looking bright for the future.

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