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New Zealand Trials News


27th July 2009
Liz and Dino enjoy what NonStop have on Offer.
Liz and Dino enjoy what NonStop have on Offer.

Welcome to our two latest new comers, Liz Clark and Dino Spiteri. It is great to see that our sport can attract a diverse mix of ages and walks of life of both male and female riders. Both are looking great and are riding very well for the short time they have been involved.

Dino has great balance which is a big part in being a successful trials rider and Liz is very capable with a good since of self-preservation although still keen to push herself by taking on new challenges each time she rides.

88 Valley Have-A-Go-Day

26th July 2009
Great Day out had by all.
Great Day out had by all.

The afternoon of July the 25th was a great day to be at the NonStop Trials Park.

We were blessed with blue sky and brilliant sunshine and it was great to see all the new enthusiastic faces.

The 'have-a-go days' are to attract some new blood to the trials fraternity and if Saturday is anything to go by then we are well on the way.

Liz Clark made a dazzling appearance on her newly acquired Scorpa 125 all dressed in her new red Clice riding apparel.

Murray Irvine turned up on his new mount, a mint Gas Gas 250 also sporting flash riding gear.

David Hart is always keen for a ride and the following day was heading off with Gordon and Callum to check out the terrain at the Denniston Plateau near Westport.

Also enjoying the day out were young Dino Spiteri and his family; father Adrian, mother Vanessa and sister Bella, who is keen for a ride next time out.
Dino has had some riding experience on a PW80 which has an auto clutch, so this was his first time out on a real bike, being given Callum's Sherco 80 with manual clutch.
Dino surprised everyone and took to trials-type riding like a duck to water and is a born natural.

Father and son combination of Mark and Brady Inwood arrived with Brady's new Scorpa 250 and was looking in fine form.

Howard Barrett popped out to have-a-go after checking things out the weekend before.

Liz's husband Johnny managed to employ the baby sitting services of the grandparents so he was able to join his wife for the afternoon of riding.

Andy and wife Magan joined in for the day and enjoyed some riding time with father Stephen and not to be outdone Andy's younger brothers Nick and Peter turned up early afternoon to join in the day's fun.

Dave Davies was part of the team riding his trusty TLR200 and ace quad-rider Joe Keene was also 'keen' to give-it-a-go and proved he will fit in really well, demonstrating fine style on Johnny's Sherco 290.

Everyone had a great day and are looking forward to our next outing. If you read this and are keen to be involved and give-it-a-go, give Gordon a call on 03 544 7127 and he will include you on our emailing list.

Liz and Magan

25th July 2009
Liz and Magan enjoy a afternoon in the sun
Liz and Magan enjoy a afternoon in the sun

Liz is always keen for a ride and in the absence of her normal riding buddy Deborah teamed up with Andy's wife, Magan Oliver here seen riding their preferred Scorpa 125s.
The girls were looking sharp in their clice riding gear with Liz in red while Magan is kitted out in blue.

Brendon, at Marlborough Trials Centre, is smiling with bikes and gear flying out the door with more in the pipeline. It's good to keep everyone involved supporting each other through the winter.

NonStop is keen to encourage the ladies with potentially 9 local lasses able to give-it-a-go. Locally based NZ road racing champion, Karel Pavich of PRO rider training will soon be introducing off-road rider training in association with NonStop.

The Three Musketeers ride again!

23rd July 2009
The trio in action
The trio in action

With Andy, the eldest of the Oliver brothers, working full time and some crazy hours not to mention now being a married man, it is not often that we get to see all three brothers enjoying their motorcycling at the same time. Welcome back Andy!

Andy was seen giving it his all, keeping up with his younger brothers, but admitted to his father later that he was a little out of shape and maybe, just maybe, Nick and Pete had the edge on him these days.

The Wanderer Returns

9th July 2009
Bruce,Deborah and Liz
Bruce,Deborah and Liz

Just back from an extended visit to England, Bruce Corkill picked up his newly acquired TTR 250 in Blenheim taking in the Mangatapu track between Pelorus and Nelson on his way to NonStop where he renewed ties with his Montesa 315 for a weekend of riding.

Bruce was joined by Stephen, Deborah and newbee Liz Clark on Saturday and then Stephen set him some more challenging sections to test his skills on Sunday.

The rain held off for a very enjoyable weekend of riding and he slept soundly after all his efforts, going home unscathed and satisfied with his weekend achievements.


2nd July 2009
Enjoying a well earnt lunch break
Enjoying a well earnt lunch break

Gordon Anderson and NonStop promoted a day of riding with a healthy turnout of newcomers at 88 Valley recently.

Since Bob Cooke's retirement and lull in local club activities Gordon is keen to capitalise on the efforts of NonStop to raise the profile of trials in Nelson and using the Scorpa SY125 and Sherco 290 along with Brian Penney's Scorpa 250 the riders had the opportunity to give it a go.

Great Nelson weather once again lent itself to a fun and pleasant outing by all concerned.

If we continue the present momentum the club numbers will be back to its healthy self in no time.

Keep up the good work Gordon.

Women's Day Out

30th June 2009
Liz Clark and Deborah
Liz Clark and Deborah

Deborah's new found riding buddy Liz Clark joined Deborah for a day at 88 braving the cooler temperatures for a day's training with Stephen.

The Scorpa SY125's were the perfect vehicle for beginner training techniques.

Liz enjoyed her riding so much her and Jonathan have purchased a SY125 for her use alongside Jonathan's Sherco 290 and are looking forward to family fun with Issac on the little electric Oset that he was given for his 5th birthday recently.

Currently we have Gabby,Deborah,Liz,Magan and Ember representing the nonstop girls and counting, there is a rumour that New Zealand road racing champion Karel Pavich is keen to give it a go.

Tony Thorpe

26th June 2009
Tony ,Raewyn and Stephen
Tony ,Raewyn and Stephen

For a unique Christmas present wife Raewyn purchased a One-Day NonStop Adventure Ride for husband Tony. They both holidayed in Nelson for the weekend with Tony riding while Raewyn visited the Nelson Saturday Market and local shops.
Tony has previously ridden both road and off-road motorcycles and although owning a Sherco 290 was keen to benefit from a day's outing with some pointers from Stephen. He has seen friends keen to ride that have fallen by the wayside due to injuries caused by bad preparation and technique. He knew that brushing up on trials skills will give him the edge to keep riding for the long haul.
Tony & Raewyn then spent Sunday together checking out the Mountain Bike scene and local wineries. A great way to spend a weekend away.

Mystery Creek 2009

20th June 2009
Gabrielle Gundry at Field Days
Gabrielle Gundry at Field Days

The NonStop/Goldpine Display team was in action once again at the 2009 Mystery Creek Fieldays near Hamilton.
Mystery Creek Fieldays are the biggest agricultural trade show in the Southern Hemisphere, showcasing the latest in agricultural products and services.
It attracts over 1000 exhibitors and in 2009 117,000 visitors passed through its gates over the four days despite all four seasons in one day on Saturday.

Riders, Nick & Peter Oliver, with support from Dad Stephen, were riding over the four days on a course entirely constructed from Goldpine product.
Goldpine continues to be a major sponsor of the NonStop Trials Academy from its beginnings in Nelson in 2005. Goldpine also had their beginnings in Nelson in the 1970's. The family values the company was built on are still very much in play.

Goldpine were attracted to NonStop Adventure's professionalism and their commitment to Youth. Nick and Pete proved their worth riding every day in cold, wet conditions performing up to ten times a day despite both suffering from a heavy winter flu. Goldpine staff were impressed with the boys living up to the NonStop motto - Trialing the Youth of Today for Tomorrow: Providing Challenge - Encouraging Confidence - Building Character.

CEO, Robert Eggers personally thanked the boys for being part of the effort which saw Goldpine take out first place in the Best Outdoor Site category. They had achieved runner-up position for the past two years so it was a great result for everyone.

Peter and Nick have fun with new fans.
Peter and Nick have fun with new fans.

The riders were well received by spectators and are proud to be part of the Goldpine team. The boys especially enjoy interacting with the young people who come to see them ride and to inspire these future riders with their skill and enjoyment of riding, which is what it's all about.

It was great to see many of the trials fraternity turn up to give the boys encouragement and some familiar faces came back especially to see the boys again from last year.

Gabrielle Gundry added some colour and personality to make for a good photo opportunity with the boys. She kept a close eye on their riding to pick up a few pointers of her own. Maybe we'll have a female display rider in a few years if her current enthusiasm is anything to go by.

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Ihatove Spring Trial

20th May 2009
 Beautiful Spring morning in Iwate Prefecture.
Beautiful Spring morning in Iwate Prefecture.

May 5th dawned crisp and clear for the Ihatove Spring trial in Iwate Prefecture - a welcome change from the drenching riders got at last August's main Ihatove event! With cherry trees in bloom and snow still visible on the surrounding mountains, Iwate put on a fine show to welcome riders from as far away as Osaka and Tokyo.
This year's spring event used many of the sections from the summer trial, along with a few new ones to keep people on their toes. Dry conditions made for great riding, and road stretches between some sections gave everyone a chance to really enjoy the scenery in "touring" mode. The riders all had a ball and are now all looking forward to the big summer trial in August.

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