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New Zealand Trials News

Peter & his much favoured 4RT

9th October 2009
 Fun day out for Peter
Fun day out for Peter

After a somewhat frustrating ride at the 7th round of the North Island Championship, Peter returned home to let his hair down and have some real fun to remind him why he continues to ride his favoured Montesa 4RT.

It was to be a great day out and fortunately the cameraman was on hand to capture the moment.

This Adventure Trial free-riding(Takumi style) is a great way to get the best of what is on offer from a trials bike.

Peter's facial expressions told the story all afternoon as he jumped and flicked his machine around the NonStop facility.

Check out more images to see the Showa suspension put to the test.

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North Island A-grade trials championship goes to Peter

29th September 2009
A-Grade Championship for Peter
A-Grade Championship for Peter

At the weekend Nelson's Peter Oliver completed the last two rounds of the North Island A-grade trials championship to take out the title for 2009 against the best up and coming riders in New Zealand.
The final result takes the best 7 rounds of an 8 round championship with Peter nearly taking out the hat trick winning 6 of the 7 rounds with a second place in the 8th round despite the atrocious conditions of the weekend and several big offs on Saturday. However, a never give-up-attitude still saw Peter take podium place on both days.
Although Peter enjoys the challenge of competition he prefers the fun to be had with adventure trials, a specialty of the Oliver boys and NonStop Adventure.
Peter and his brother Nick, who some may have seen riding at the recent Motorcycle Show at Founders park for the Goldpine NonStop X-treme Team, are the only South Islanders to take out the North Island A-Grade title, with Nick having taken out the same event in 2007.
The boys and big brother Andrew will once again be riding for Goldpine at the Nelson AMP Show this year, so you will have a chance to see them in action. All three brothers have achieved NZ Junior Trials Champion titles in recent years continuing the legacy of father Stephen Oliver, holder of multiple NZ titles.
NonStop Adventure hosted a top Japanese Trials rider, Takumi Narita, at this year's Oceania Champs also held in Nelson. He was not only guest rider for Japan at the event, but also held a coaching session with Australian and NZ riders the following day. This was well received by all the riders as it was a unique chance to be coached by one of the previous top World Round trials riders.
Takumi Narita, along with several other Japanese riders will once again be in attendance at NonStop Adventure's Wakefield trials park in February 2010. They will feature as special guests of NonStop who are hosting the inaugural NZ Ihatove Adventure Trial, based on the highly successful Japanese Idemitsu Ihatove Trial that has been running since 1977.
Six members of the Oliver family were hosted by the founder Yasuo Manzawa in 2006 at the 30th Anniversary of the event and since then have fostered close ties with the team in Japan. With the support of the Tasman District Council and Mayor Richard Kempthorne along with NonStop's major sponsor, Goldpine, this event looks to have a bright future.

You can learn more about this event by clicking here.

Pro Rider NZ National Motorcycle Show

15th September 2009
Signing autographs
Signing autographs

Sunday 13th September dawned to a brilliant sunny Nelson day just in time for the Pro Rider NZ National Motorcycle Show at Founders Park.
After the success of the inaugural event in 2008 the main attractions this year were the Britten exhibition and the NonStop Goldpine X-treme Motorcycle Display Team.
The Oliver brothers were in fine form with Nick & Pete on trials motorcycles and elder brother Andrew on his trials bike doing all the leg work.

They performed hourly throughout the day to an enthusiastic crowd, awe-inspired by their ability on the bikes and their sense of fun, competition and camaraderie.

Between rides their young fans had the opportunity to meet the boys and have their Sherco posters autographed by our local celebrities.

The show was a great success with a two-day event planned for next year and the organisers planning ahead for the next five years.

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NonStop's Facelift

14th September 2009
The NS trailer gets the long awaited face lift
The NS trailer gets the long awaited face lift

Thanks to our association with Goldpine Industries Ltd, our major sponsor, NonStop has had a facelift in the form of a freshly painted bike trailer which now displays the NonStop Adventure and Goldpine logos along with a lifesize trials rider, which debuted at the Pro Rider NZ National Motorcycle Show.

This highly visible, professional asset makes for a great backdrop to our Goldpine NonStop Display Team which the boys have dubbed Team X-treme.

33rd Idemitsu Ihatove

2nd September 2009
Takumi's Father,   Shozo Narita
Takumi's Father, Shozo Narita

While those of us who attended the Nelson club trial on August 30 revelled in rain and mud, the 33rd Idemitsu Ihatove Trial was taking place under clear blue skies in Iwate Prefecture.
Riders in the top-ranking Classic category started with a daunting hill climb on Section 1 that set the tone for the entire 350-km course. The battle for first place was hard-fought, with Masayuki Sansuzuka beating Ryo Narita by a single point at the end of the two-day event. Last year Sansuzuka had to pull out with bike trouble, so this year's victory must have been sweet. Mitani Motor Sports boss Shoji Mitani took top place in the twin shock category.
Ryo's brother Takumi Narita (who ran a highly successful coaching day after the Oceania Champs in Nelson this year) acted a guide for the Ihatove Trail Tour, and their father Shozo also competed in the event.
Trial Chairman Yasuo Manzawa summed up the Ihatove spirit as follows:
This event has been built on the understanding and cooperation of the local community. Therefore, I hope that rather than simply taking part as entrants, riders join the organizers in bearing in mind the sustainability of the trial. To this end, I hope all riders show courtesy to the locals, display a refreshing level of sportsmanship and self-reliance, and have serious fun (because you don't have to be a highly skilled rider to enjoy this trial). Next year the Ihatove concept will be exported from Japan for the first time, with the inaugural New Zealand Ihatove Adventure Trial taking place on February 20. I believe this will open up a splendid new chapter in the Ihatove story.

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2009 Idemitsu Ihatove: Finishing Touches

27th August 2009
Beautiful seaside scenery for all to enjoy (team photo)
Beautiful seaside scenery for all to enjoy (team photo)

With the 33rd Idemitsu Ihatove Trial (Aug 29-30) just a couple of days away, the organizing team is busy putting the final touches on this year's courses. Plenty of tight turns are promised in the novice and intermediate sections, which are guaranteed to test riders' skills under the non-stop rules.

Meanwhile the Classic course for more advanced riders will once again feature the spectacular seaside hill-climb - always a spectator favourite.

Best wishes from everyone at NonStop Adventure for another successful event! Lets hope that the fine weather continues.

Yasuo is in the middle of this beatiful seaside photo with our good friend Takumi on far right.

Gathering at the NonstopTrials Park

21st August 2009
Nick takes the lead
Nick takes the lead

Here in the Tasman district, things are warming up. Our weather is improving and so are the number of riders. There is increasing interest in what our sport has to offer. The friendly enviroment and the quality of our venue all makes for a great fun day out.

Deano was back out for another shot on the Gas Gas 160 and he bought a friend along with him who showed good riding skills and will be one to keep an eye on in the future.

It is neat to see more of the father and son combination and family participation which is what it is all about.

Gordon and Callum did a great job of organising the days activities with Stephen and Nick keen to lend a helping hand.

Liz and Jonathan Clarke were out with the whole family making the most of the sunshine. The photos clearly show the spirit of the day.

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Trials Touring (article by Gordon Anderson)

12th August 2009
The Team exploring whats on offer
The Team exploring whats on offer

Two weeks ago 4 of us (Me, Callum, Dave Hart and Dave Davies) travelled down to Westport to, meet up with the local guys who have bought trials bikes recently, and explore the Denniston Plateau. We had a fantastic day out.

The plateau consists of rolling barren moorland covered in huge slabs of weathered rock.

Spectacular terrain for miles around
Spectacular terrain for miles around

The rock is grippier than Alexandra!!! The equivalent of riding on P-40 grit sandpaper.

Access is easy and there are tracks left over from the coal mining days that allow you to cruise all over the hills in search of wicked terrain.

I have included some photos to showcase the area and hopefully wet your appetites for a trip down there.

Our thanks go to Tony Devasconi (Duck), Jason Baker - yes there are 2 of them, and Rory for being our local guides and giving us a great day out.

These guys have bought trials bikes as their dirt bikes couldn't get them where they wanted to go.

We will definitely be returning later in the year for some more Trials Touring action. Come along, the more the merrier.

Idemitsu Ihatove Team at Work and Play

5th August 2009
Team at work group photo
Team at work group photo

This year's Idemitsu Ihatove Trial will be held on August 29-30 in Japan's Iwate Prefecture, and preparations are already well under way.

Volunteers have been heading out each weekend (and some weekdays too) to prepare sections for the big event.

Grass cutting action
Grass cutting action

The first photo shows Ihatove Trial chairman Yasuo Manzawa (front row, third from left) rallying some of his troops.

Check out the style
Check out the style

On either side of him are organizing team chief Iemura and Mitsuo Nakamura, who visited NonStop last year to share their expertise in organizing this kind of event.

Volunteers range from riders who rode in the very first Ihatove Trial 33 years ago to young Hiroto, seen here on the left.

The lush Japanese spring growth means sections become completely overgrown from one year to the next, calling for some serious grass-cutting action!

It's not all hard work though. True to the spirit of the Ihatove Trial, the team still find time for fun - check out the style of the rider coming up the rear!

At the end of this month the Idemitsu Ihatove Trial will see hundreds of riders head off to enjoy a weekend of friendship and scenic riding in one of the more beautiful parts of Japan.

Takumi, Yasuo, Ishiyama and Rumi will all be taking part and have also confirmed their entry for next years Tasman Ihatove event.

Non Stop looks forward to bringing the special Ihatove blend of friendship and fun to New Zealand at the inaugural Tasman Ihatove Trial, scheduled for 20-21 February next year.

At the present time this event is creating a lot of interest with good positive feedback.

Nick tackles the Sherco 290

28th July 2009
Nick gets to check out the Sherco 290
Nick gets to check out the Sherco 290

Having become familiar with his 4rt Montesa for fun free-style riding as demonstrated by Takumi Narita, Nick was recently thrown a curler when asked if he would like to change back to a two-stroke.

At first he was given time to readjust (not as easy as it sounds) and then asked to do a rider appraisal of this year's Sherco 290.

This is what Nick has to say: When firing the 290 up for the first time it certainly felt nice and lively, performance was good from the bottom end with a softer delivery to what I have gotten used to from my 4RT.

I quickly found that you could use the three lower gears from the five-speed box in sections.
The engine feels really great and does not have the engine run on that earlier two strokes have had due to the extra heavy fly wheel weighting. This is evident when you shut the throttle and the engine revs are killed virtually instantly.

The bike is light on the rear wheel
The bike is light on the rear wheel

The engine does seem to have lost some of its previous torque and along with this it does rev harder. Not mega revs like a Gasser but definitely higher than on previous models that I have ridden.

The Sherco is a real easy bike to ride, just climb on and it feels good. Footpeg and handlebar relationship feels spot-on and the front / rear balance must be right because you don't even think about it.
Standard carburetion is good and all other controls do their thing without the rider even thinking. The clutch is easy to control, which is always good and brakes offer plenty of feel.

Overall handling is as steady as it gets with stable steering and smooth action forks and rear suspension that were more than good enough to handle anything I threw at it. The 290 machines are always expected to be a bit of an animal and here came the surprise! It isn't! Sherco has made a real effort with the big stroker for 2009 and I have discovered among other things that the factory have treated it to a new cylinder head and a longer front pipe and suddenly - what a transformation. It is now much easier to ride than previous models. I spent a lot of time getting used to the 290, riding it on different sections; streams, rocks and steep slippery banks - and I have to say I have got to like the 290 and what it has on offer.

Usually I find that the 250 machines are far less tiring to ride and the big two-stroke trials bikes feel good when you first get on them but quickly tire you as they pull at your arms and shoulders. But I don't get anywhere as tired with the 290 as I would expect, it has loads of torque and finds grip exceptionally well. It is particularly good on climbs where you can rev it up on wheel spin and then back off the throttle and feed in the grip.

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