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New Zealand Trials News

Tasman's World Class coaching facility

9th July 2010
Jake practicing at NonStop Park
Jake practicing at NonStop Park

Tasman's World Class coaching facility played host to NZ's top rider for a weekend of fun and coaching.

Local companies Goldpine, Novus Auto Glass and Motor Trade Finance Ltd who are supporting the NonStop Adventure Trials Academy helped to host two days of motorcycle trial/trail coaching for Top-of-the-South riders at the NonStop Goldpine trials park at Eighty-eight Valley, Wakefield.

NonStop was fortunate to secure as their guest rider, current NZ Trials Champion Jake Whitaker. Jake finished in the top ten in the World Youth Champs in 2008. He is currently leading the Australian NSW Championship and is looking good for a podium finish.

Jake was joined by our own local celebrities, the NonStop Goldpine Team Extreme display riders and multiple NZ champ and founder of the NonStop facility, Stephen Oliver. All riders had the opportunity to put into practice some of what they had learned over the weekend and as an extra bonus had the chance to watch our top riders in action showing off some of the more advanced techniques currently used by the top world class riders.

Our local Tasman District coaching facility is proving successful, producing NZ Junior Champions in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2008 so things look set to continue positively for the Academy and the Sport of Trials.

The NonStop facility is internationally renowned for its high quality of coaching and events with multiple Japanese champion and world class rider Takumi Narita hosting our last coaching event in February.

Another day in paradise and a great weekend had by all
Another day in paradise and a great weekend had by all

With the introduction this year of the NZ Ihatove Adventure Trial, which attracted a field of international riders, the Tasman District of NZ is now firmly on the map both in Japan, the UK and Europe.

Spectators and riders alike were treated to a weekend of sunshine, first class coaching and great entertainment.

Jake is currently busy preparing for the Aussie titles at the end of August but is keen to visit again soon.

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Sunny Winter's Day

27th June 2010
Group Photo, with smiles all round
Group Photo, with smiles all round

So far this winter we have had our fair share of rain.

So when the weather forecast indicated that it was going to be a sunny Sunday, some of our keen Trials Group members decided to head on out to our favourite trials location at the NonStop trials Park.

David Atwool made the trip over from Blenheim and was seen to be making the most of the opportunity to scrub up on his tight turning technique along with Brian Penny and Tony Cameron.

Johny Clarke drew the short straw and looked after the family while Liz got some serious riding time on her newly acquired Sherco 125.

Callum Anderson and the Oliver brothers (Team Extreme) had a great time egging each other on and having fun all day.

Successful Export

7th June 2010
Iwate University
Iwate University

Extract from Chapter 4, "The Ihatove Trial as an Example of Sustainable Regional Development," by Ihatove Trial Chairman Yasuo Manzawa

Part 6: Successful Export of Iwate Motorcycling Culture

February 20, 2010 was a memorable date in the history of the Ihatove Trial: this was the day of the inaugural New Zealand Ihatove Adventure Trial. It was organized by the NonStop Adventure trials team, based in the South Island city of Nelson. The Oliver Family, six members of which came to Iwate as special guest riders in the 30th Ihatove Trial, played the leading role in the event, which also attracted members of the local trials fraternity.

The Olivers chose to run an event that not only used the Ihatove name, but also carried on the spirit of the Ihatove Trial - including its unique scoring system - because they were deeply impressed by the way riders of all ages got out in the mud with big smiles on their faces at the Ihatove.

Key organizer and five-times New Zealand Champion Stephen Oliver had this to say:
"We get too serious, and it becomes no fun to keep on riding trials. But when I saw even novice riders laughing and enjoying themselves at the Ihatove, I realized that this is the kind of trial people can just keep on riding."
Having identified the true reason why the Ihatove Trial has continued for so long, Stephen did us the honour of asking if he could copy our event.

Trials originated in the UK, particularly Scotland, and in the early 1970s one top British rider after another signed contracts with Japanese manufacturers and directly passed on their skills to Japan, so trials was an "import" to Japan. Being well-acquainted with the circumstances of that "import era", I deeply appreciate the way Japan can now transfer a type of trial that originated in Iwate to the southern hemisphere as a kind of cultural export.

On the day of the adventure trial there was a cloudless blue sky, and together with potential future Ihatove Trial chairman Takumi Narita (eldest son of deputy chairman Shozo Narita and one of Japan's top riders), Yoji Ishiyama (member of the Ihatove organizing team and moving force behind the Neli and Budoli classes for novices and intermediates), and sole female among the visitors Rumi Takahashi (also a member of the organizing team), I was able to savor to my heart's content all the enjoyment and spectacular scenery of the event.

People often say that Japan only exports goods and has no cultural exports, but at least in the world of trials we have been the first to succeed in making such an export from Iwate. I would like to once again thank all the local people for their support, without which we never could have achieved this.

Blue, Red and now Yellow

29th May 2010
Team Goldpine
Team Goldpine

Having ridden the TMs and the Honda CRF250X we thought it would be great to do a contra deal with Jason our local Suzuki dealer.

NonStop Team Extreme gets to try out the RM250F and the bigger capacity RM450X in return for an afternoon on the trials bikes.

Well, first up the Yellow bikes look really smart and when riding in the Goldpine apparel it is as though this partnership is meant to be.

Nick and Peter joined father Stephen to check Suzuki's latest offerings. We were all very impressed with the quality of finish and the performance of both machines.

The RM450X is the enduro version of the very popular and competitive MX model.
This bike was a lot of fun to ride but as expected the tougher the going the more you had to be on your game. This machine is well balanced and has plenty of power on tap.

Front brakes "ok"
Front brakes "ok"

The RM250F MX is fuel injected as is the 450; this gave both machines a nice consistent spread of power throughout the rev range.

We all noticed that the power delivery right off the bottom was not up to our Montesa 4RT. Nick and Stephen came to the conclusion that they have been a little spoiled and that Honda/ Montesa have done the hard yards on battery-less fuel injection and would have to be the leaders at present in this field of development.

For our team this was a timely opportunity and a great experience.

Although both bikes are fun to ride we all agreed that the RM250F would have to be the pick for Team NonStop as we felt it is the better all-round bike and most manageable as it carries less weight, making it more agile.

At this stage we are staying with the TMs but are looking forward to trying out the 2011 CRF250X Honda with state-of-the-art fuel injection.

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CRF250X Review

27th May 2010
CRF250X on trial
CRF250X on trial

The Team at NonStop decided that it would be a good idea to see what a modern four stroke enduro bike felt like.

So first up, we picked on the Honda CRF250X. The pilot for the day was Team Extreme member Nick Oliver, with father Stephen having a sneak ride while Nick took a breather.
The CRF250x was all it was made out to be and performed really well.
The NonStop team have not had a lot of machines to compare it with but all agreed that it would be hard to beat as an all round 250 dirt bike.

The suspension is plush and the engine delivers good bottom end power for a new generation four stroke. Like all its competitors, it has plenty of mid and top end power.

It was interesting to note that we agreed that the little brother CRF230, with a few little mods, is more manageable and fun to ride in the really tight technical stuff.

However the little air cooled 230 won't get a look in when you get into the more open trail.

Quick summary was that this is a great all round fun bike to ride and there would not be many amateur riders that could honestly out-ride this machine.

Oh yes, the finish and quality is typical Honda, top notch.

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TM Day out

26th May 2010
Team Xtreme members sizing each other up
Team Xtreme members sizing each other up

The Oliver boys have decided that it was time to try their hand at the other side of off road riding and gathered at the NonStop Trials Park to have a go on two recently acquired TM Motocross and Enduro models.

It was always going to be difficult as two bikes between three boys was not a good look!
Fortunately we had the trusty Honda CRF230 on hand to take up the slack.

The truth is that the Team Extreme members have never had or been given the opportunity to have a taste of this type of go-fast machinery and they were not disappointed, as the TM factory makes very fast dirt bikes.

Their faces showed it all and the first comments were "no wonder young guys choose racing; you can just point and shoot with these machines and you get an instant rush".

It quickly became apparent to the boys that if you did not have the necessary skills and respect for this type of machine then sooner rather than later it would bite you big time. However this didn't stop the Team Extreme members having an absolute blast all afternoon; an experience they all want to repeat again very soon.

Time will tell whether short adrenaline rush highs take precedence over a full day of challenging skill-based trials riding and the sense of achievement that goes with it.

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Trials Riding Skills Course a Big Success

15th May 2010
A great day out had by all " Team Photo"
A great day out had by all " Team Photo"

The sun was shining and everyone had a real "blast" on the trials bikes.
Thanks to Karel Pavich, owner operator of the highly successful Pro Rider Motorcycle training school, the team at NonStop had the opportunity to pass on some of the skills they have learnt from their many years of Trials competition.
Karel had this to say; "Steve & Nick Oliver who are multiple trials champions were on hand to deliver step by step instructions to the team. By the end of day, everyone had a good level of skill on the bike and immensely enjoyed the wonderful experience. Thanks to Steve at NonStop Adventure for supporting this event."

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Ihatove Spring Trial

6th May 2010
The Team had a Great Day out
The Team had a Great Day out

After a long winter, the Japanese Ihatove team recently dusted off their bikes for the annual Spring Trial. Skies were blue for both the trial and the preceding training day, but in the highlands of Iwate the scenery was still dominated by leftover snow rather than spring blossoms. In typical Ihatove style, the sections were linked by some leisurely "touring" on country roads.

Yoshihiro Ito from Osaka took the top spot in the Neli Class (similar to Recreation in the NZ Ihatove Adventure Trial). In a tremendous display of what good technique can achieve, he not only beat 16 other riders to finish with an all-clean record, but did it on a Gas Gas Pampera! Hiroki Suzuki from Akita took out the Budoli Class (similar to Sport) with a textbook demonstration of precise throttle control.

Fresh from her trip to New Zealand, Rumi Takahashi was in fine form. Not content with just riding in style, she also turned up with enough home-baked brownies to feed all the participants!

2010 Inaugural NZ Ihatove Adventure Trial update

7th April 2010
Team NonStop and Guest Riders
Team NonStop and Guest Riders

The Inaugural NZ Ihatove Adventure Trial was successfully held in February 2010 with Nelson living up to it's sunny reputation and positive feedback from all riders attending.
"see you next year" was a common farewell and all our guest riders from Japan took happy memories home to share with fellow Ihatove riders at home.
Three top Japanese trials magazines have already published articles about the NZ Ihatove Adventure Trial and KiwiRider and the UK Trials Magazine will be publishing similar features in their next issue.
With the running of this inaugural event people have a much greater understanding of the philosophy of the Ihatove concept.
For the full report and photo gallery see the following links
NZ Ihatove Adventure Trial 2010 Report
NZ Ihatove Adventure Trial Photo Gallery

Mayfield A&P Show

15th March 2010
The crowd loved the bike display riding
The crowd loved the bike display riding

March was another very busy month for the NonStop Goldpine Team Extreme with another Display booked at the Mayfield A&P Show. The Team were keen to go, with one of the highlights other than Team Extreme being the Pig Racing, which has always been hugely successful with the public and a great fundraiser for the designated recipient, this year being the local scouts club.

Tane the manager of the Goldpine Ashburton depot had arranged a great site next to the pig racing so that the two main attractions were within easy access to the public; this was a great formula and helped to draw large crowds all day with Team Extreme alternating with the Pig Racing throughout the day to entertain the crowd.

Mayfield community were treated to a great summer's day after two days of heavy rain, with the added bonus of a very well organised and run show, thanks to a great committee of hard working and passionate volunteers. This all made for a very successful event.

Once again, the after-ride chats and autograph signing of posters were once again well received by the younger members of the audience who find Nick & Pete's friendly approachable style a real drawcard.

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