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Yasuo Manzawa

Yasuo Manzawa
Yasuo Manzawa

Yasuo Manzawa, the Organiser of the World's largest Trial -The Japanese Ihatove Trial (sponsored by Idemitsu -with 2006 having been the 30th Anniversary)

Trials is a great sport for the Youth of today, encouraging high levels of discipline and providing technical skills and challenge. It provides a common interest for family members and across all generations.
Having experienced the Ihatove Trial in 2006 we have found Yasuo Manzawa to be a man of tremendous energy and foresight and is a great ambassador to the sport.
His events are done to an extremely high standard and he has the ability to attract both major sponsors for financial support and many volunteers to help with the huge task of running such a huge event.

Takumi Narita

Takumi Narita
Takumi Narita

Takumi Narita has many years experience both in Japan and Internationally. He is a multi Japanese Trials Champion currently promoting 'free ride' for Scorpa Yamaha. He has been part of a team promoting Yamaha in Vietnam and rode with the Oliver family on Scorpa 125's in the 2006 Idemitsu Ihatove 30th Anniversary Trial and again with Nick & Peter Oliver at the Idemitsu Ihatove Trial in 2008. Takumi's father Shozo co-founded this event with Yasuo Manzawa. His brother Ryo is also part of the Yamaha squad.Earlier in his career Takumi rode internationally to podium placed results in the World Outdoor Trials Championships with Honda and then moving to the Beta factory team where he achieved his best results.
He has a lot to offer to the Youth of today with such a depth of experience and his zest for riding and having fun. His great fun personality quickly attracts young people to his energy and enthusiasm.
He made his first visit to New Zealand in 2009 to pass on some of this experience at the Oceania Championships held in Nelson at Easter followed by a special day of training attended by a large group of riders.
Takumi also returned to New Zealand for the inaugural Tasman Ihatove Trial in 2010.

Josh Coppins - Motocross Champion

Josh Coppins
Josh Coppins

Josh says-
"Most Motocross riders at world level practice on trials bikes." He believes the balance of throttle, clutch, and brake at low and controllable speeds can translate to a faster race pace.

"A lot of young riders these days start Motocross and find the speed before they find the skill. I think to do Trials really helps your technique, helps your balance and that's why I do it also. It's good for you. It improves your basic skills."

Stefan Merriman - Multi World Enduro Champion

Stefan Merriman
Stefan Merriman

Stefan recently spoke to Stephen Oliver and he confirmed that many World Class Enduro and Motocross riders come from a Trials background and it is these skills that make the difference.
Stefan owns a late model Trials bike which he tries to ride as often as possible to keep himself 'in-tune'. He lists Trials riding as one of his hobbies.
Stefan encourages all young up-and-coming riders to take the opportunity to master as many Trials riding techniques as possible by attending the NonStop Trials Academy.
Stefan's father Warwick encouraged him to ride Trials at a young age, which has held him in good stead as he has progressed through the faster, more dangerous World rankings in his chosen sport of Enduro. Warwick is still a top-class New Zealand Trials rider himself.

Steve Saunders - 10 x British Trials Champion

Steve Saunders
Steve Saunders

Steve runs trials training schools in England because he states: "Trials riding will improve your motorcycling skill whether you are a road riding novice or a thoroughbred motorcyclist. The skills that you will learn will come in useful even when on your road bikes.

Trials is widely regarded as the most skilful of all motorcycle sports with balance and machine control in the tightest of situations helping you ride more skilfully and thus more safely."

James Lampkin

James Lampkin
James Lampkin

We have had a positive response from other Trials Schools and James Lampkin (Dougie's cousin) is one of those willing to put NZ on the map for Trials Holidays and Training.
He is keen to visit Australia and New Zealand in the future to pass on some of his expertise.

He has travelled the world with cousin Doug, Uncle Martin and Team Montesa for over eight seasons - all working together to burn the Lampkin name into Trials history by helping Doug to win 7 World Outdoor Championships in devastating fashion one after the other.

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