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Nick & the NonStop fleet of bikes
Nick & the NonStop fleet of bikes

NonStop Adventure proudly features a comprehensive fleet of motorcycles to cater for the beginner to Expert rider. As well as Montesa 4RTs and Montesa 315Rs we have available state-of-the-art trials motorcycles from Jotagas as well as Scorpa and Sherco. This means you will get to ride the most popular bikes that have been professionally set-up and maintained to function at their very best.
We have enough bikes to accommodate a diverse group of riders. So rest assured, when you ride a bike from NonStop Adventure, you can count on it performing at its very best, so you can concentrate on performing at your best.

Which Bike?

Trials bikes are made available as they are great all-round training bikes for all disciplines. They make learning new techniques and skills easy.

However we also encourage our customers to use their own bikes because you will already have a level of confidence on your bike and you can apply your new skills directly to your riding.

Montesa Cota 4RT & 315R

Montesa Cota 4RT four stroke &  315R two stroke
Montesa Cota 4RT four stroke & 315R two stroke

Currently the majority of our hire fleet are Montesa 4RT four stroke and Montesa 315R two stroke machines. These are tried and proven, very rider friendly, suiting all riding abilities and extremely reliable.

This makes them ideal for both the NonStop Adventure Off-Road Trail / Trial Tours and NonStop Trail / Trials / Enduro Off-Road Coaching Academy sections.

Scorpa SY125 - 200F & SY250R

Scorpa SY250R two stroke & SY125-200F four stroke
Scorpa SY250R two stroke & SY125-200F four stroke

The Scorpa SY125 - 200F are ideal beginner motorcycles with the ability to trail ride and negotiate learner trial sections with the added option (bonus) of a seat for the ease of riding at the early stages of your off-road riding experience.
It has a rider friendly engine with smooth uptake and good power balance helping you to build your confidence as you gain more experience.
They are built to be strong and reliable, a must in a training environment.

The SY250R two stroke is a good all round bike for all levels of riders.

Scorpa 125 : First impressions (David Atwool)

The Team at NonStop give the Scorpa 125 the thumbs up.(David in blue)
The Team at NonStop give the Scorpa 125 the thumbs up.(David in blue)

The other day I had the opportunity to try out the Scorpa 125. The first thing I noticed was how easy the bike is to start - the kick barely requires more effort than an electric start. Moving off, the balance and ergonomics felt good right away. A few slow, tight turns on the flat confirmed that the bike is light, maneuverable, and goes where it is pointed. In spite of the small engine, there was ample power to lift the front wheel with ease.

The real surprises came when I headed for the hills and creeks. Point it uphill and the little bike just climbs and climbs, with loads of low-down torque making up for any lack of horsepower. Plus there is no hint of the rear wheel spin or front wheel lift that has terrified me on more powerful bikes. But the best was yet to come. Having taken you to the top of a steep hill, the Scorpa will actually get you safely back down again. The four-stroke offers such outstanding engine-braking that often you don't even need to touch the brake levers. When you do, discs front and rear provide controllable, progressive stopping power - a revelation for those of us who grew up with the on/off nature of drum brakes.

In first gear the bike will trickle along at a snail's pace and seems virtually impossible to stall. This enables novice riders to take things at their own pace and concentrate on what's ahead instead of fumbling with brake and clutch. I quickly found myself taking on steeper drop-offs than before, because I knew that the Scorpa would dawdle up to the edge virtually on its own while I sized up the terrain. Creek-beds full of slippery rocks seemed far less daunting because I was in control of the bike (rather than vice versa!). Coming up out of the creek was a breeze because I could always feel exactly what the rear wheel was doing and ease off the throttle before it started to spin. I was suddenly filled with confidence to try all kinds of new stuff.

I doubt that the Scorpa 125 would thrill an accomplished trials rider, but it's not designed to. If you have no ambitions to compete in trials at the top levels but want to build confidence, gain skills and have massive amounts of fun, it's perfect.

After half an hour or so on the Scorpa I had none of the strained muscle feelings that come from wrestling with a machine that's too heavy or too powerful. In fact the only pain I felt came from having to give it back! Many thanks to Deborah for the loan of the bike.

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